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Head over to my blog to read my review on this unique beauty supplement from Age Quencher, and then head to my instagram for an exclusive giveaway and discount code!

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Working on brand new eye shadows today!

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Unsure if your going to like a scent or might want to try out our Deodorant before you buy?
Try a sample!!!!!
You can now order samples from our website!
All samples come in a 1.5 oz glass jar!

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We carry 3 different organic deodorants now!!!

-Organic BO -original scent -sensitive skin
-Organic BO-French Lavender
Organic BO Patchouli

Made with 100% organic,vegan & fair trade ingredients!

To apply simple use little wooden spoon to scoop out. Then put it under a dry underarm.
Thats it!

-no aluminum
-no preservatives
-no chemicals

After having 3 kids nothing was working for me! I was even on clinical strength using it 2 times a day.

So I decide to create something that works for me!

Try some today!
Unsure if you can make the switch?!?
Go to our shop and order a sample of this product.
Test it out for a week and see if it's for you.

Want some this week?
Come by the @themakersfest in Manahawkin NJ
We will be there all day Saturday where you can sample all of our products!

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Definitely needing my Organic French Vanilla Coffee Scrub this morning!

100% organic, vegan, fair trade & gluten free!

Exfoliates, clears acne & helps with redness!

Only 3 organic transparent ingredients & made to order small batches.

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Homemade Betty's Organic Chamomile Bo Creme is amazing! I started making this years ago, but just started adding infused chamomile into it and love it! Made of all organic and natural products you will love this deodorant too!

Apply with finger tips and gently pat.I put this on right after I take a shower, it melts right into your skin and smells yummy. I can go a whole day without re-applying. I teach Zumba and i have 3 young kids so before this I was constantly putting deodorant on all day!

Made of Organic Un-refined Coconut Oil,Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Corn Starch & Chamomile Infused Reverse Osmosis Water.

If you have any questions a or would like another scent feel free to contact me!

Check out my website for daily ideas and where I will be next selling my products!

Also be on the lookout for my Mini shops! All over New jersey

Winner of the 2015 Green Globe Awards!

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Get your skin smooth with 100% organic,vegan & fair trade masks from Homemade Betty! Made from scratch and made to order!
The Organic super orange mask tightens, clears dark spots, smooths wrinkles and is a powerful antioxidant!
Use coupon code:LOVEALL
To save money on the new organic skin care!


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So grateful for the beautiful display Green Planet Grocery in Cicero @ 6195 Rt-31315-699-4741 has done with my GinzTonix® ! You will love all they have to offer in this new beautiful location.

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