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A lot of companies I speak to are worried that they will waste time and effort building features that a customer doesn't want. They struggle to know what to put into the first iteration of their web or mobile solution.

So, I have written a guide which takes you through a 6 step process, it includes...

1) Get Clear On Your User Segments and Pain
2) Choose A Single Customer Segment
3) Make a List Of Potential Features (Backlog)
4) ....
5) ....
6) ...

So I hope you enjoy todays article called 'How To Choose Features For Your New Web Application or Mobile App MVP' >>

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Innovation Consulting Services
For corporates who want to be market leaders, Renodo is the ideal innovation consulting firm to go to. We help corporates find their next core business and their next billion dollars. Unlike traditional innovation consulting firms, Renodo enables end-to-end innovation management starting from ideation to patenting to IP monetization.
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When it comes to hiring software developers you have 4 options. Employ, Contract, Offshore and Consultancy.

This article discusses each option with some pros and cons. And also covers the sort of money you can expect to pay!

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Wasting money is annoying. And Digital Transformation can be the biggest waste of money if we don't do it right. So today, I take a quick look at some common mistakes that send costs shooting through the roof!

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An interesting article about the importance of Agile Transformation for companies + useful case study

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What do you say?
Try Taskque for free:

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Not sure you understand scrumban? This Cheat sheet might help.
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