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Dark Heart Rules

1. You must be 18 years old to be here. Please check your ID at the door, thank you. 

2. We do post erotically suggestive pictures and some of the storylines are very violent, dark, and sexually graphic. If you don’t want to read it, you may leave the group.

3. We encourage interaction with our Characters, but please be respectful of mated couples. You can flirt but you can't touch or proposition. Doing so will get you removed immediately.

4. DO NOT PRIVATE MESSEGE (INBOX) ANY OF THE CHARRIE EVER!! If you have a concern please feel free to msg one of the Admins.

5. Characters do not mate out of group as they have set storylines that will be adding a mate later. No sexual affiliations are to be had with out of group characters PERIOD! Flirting is acceptable but if out of group if any characters or fans overstep then they will be given a warning and if continues will be removed!

6. Cyber-sex does not take place here. Please do not hit on anyone, or do anything of a solitary cyber-sex nature here. Doing so will get you removed immediately.

7. Any type of harassment of our fans or group members will get you kicked out of the group.

7. We reserve the right to block and remove anyone as deemed necessary.

8. Do not comment on any Storylines, if you would like to give your feedback or compliment, please do so on a separate post in the Fan page.  If you are giving feedback provide constructive criticism as we are all adults and want to ensure we are giving you our best stories.

9. Do not share our stories or posts anywhere, these stories are our personal property and we do not want spread out without our permission.

10. Please do not refer others to this group, you were selected by our Characters and Admins as trusted friends, please do not lose our trust as you will be booted out.

11. If you know of a trusted friend who would enjoy our page and stories, please contact an Admin.

12. Please no advertising or posting of links on this Fanpage to any other websites (either inside or outside of FB) or other groups unless authorized by Admin.


14. Have fun!!! Our characters and admins love to have fun and love to interact with our fans..this is why the page was created.

15. Please bring complaints/issues directly to Admins via inbox first. Please do not post them on the Fanpage. We are here to listen and will address your concerns ASAP, however, posting things of a defamatory nature publicly without contacting the Admins first could be grounds for block and removal.

Any and all questions, please contact an admin.

Admins are – Xavier Horus Wrathe, Zabdi Imir, Lanie Leone, Rego Leone, Alexi Ingis, Thora Rota, Daray Bloodshadow, Michelle Pasanski. For Google Plus look for a Moderator or Owner.

Hi everyone hope you all are having a awesome day

Hey!!! We are still here, just writing like crazy to bring you new stories. Go on over to the Story Page, we got a coupl of new ones for you..and more to come.

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Good afternoon peeps hola enjoy your day everyone

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Ummmmmm so Um I might have blown up the washing machine again! Well I dunno if Blow up is really the right word, it was more an implosion! covers my boobies with an awkward expression I needed to wash some shit, including my shirt due to spilling hot sauce on it, hot wings are lethal! Anyways... The machine started making a thunk thunk noise so i opened a thing and poked at the wire thingys and it sorta did something really weird... like sploded from the inside and water sorta went everywhere and Um... well whoops! flutters lashes innocently so yeah +Zabdi Imir and uh +Grace Carrington Yeaaaaaaah we need a new one.... Again!

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Anyone wanna ride this Stallion? I'll have you know my stamina is unmatched and i have a real wild spirit... not to mention stallion sized endowment wiggles brows with a cheeky grin Before Tobi tells you different, I'm the sexy Brother!

Good afternoon peeps hola enjoy your holiday everyone

Good afternoon peeps hola enjoy your day everyone

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Good afternoon ladies n gentleman have a lovely weekend✌
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