How are things going for everyone?

Just finished the "Best year yet" book, what a wonderful book!

Who In the Group is working with the PRO? I haven't purchase it yet, and wondering how easy it is to work with?

So I am wondering if anyone has found their accountability partners yet. Someone that is going to take a look at their goals and help keep them on track? If that is the goal of any of the group or just having the community is enough to keep you going?

What are some things that help you decide which partner is the best to keep you mindful of the projects and the steps you have to take to get it done?

When you start listing all the things you accomplished last year, it feels really great when you see 17 items on your list :)

Here is my idea for a blog. I was wondering if I can get opinions, recommendations, or any other type of feedback. My current job title is "Problem Solver" which I have been doing for 5 years. I was thinking about creating a blog which I can use Problem Solving in. The name will be some thing like "A Problem Solver's Guide to..." or "Problem Solve Your Life" or some spin off of that. (I'd like to hear any other ideas). In this blog I can apply problem solving techniques to all different aspects of life. When I want to write a blog about something that doesn't necessarily includes problem solving, I can still spin it as something like "A problem solver's view on juicing" or "A problem solver's advice on making people laugh". What I would eventually like to do is write e-books that I could make money off of and do a blog about a topic that I have an e-book about and then use the blog to promote the book (possibly youtube videos and other media as well). I was trying to teach a co-worker how to barter on craigslist through instant messaging and when all was said and done he recommended I write a book. So that is my first idea for an e-book. What does everyone think?

I missed a bit of the first part of day 1, can anyone tell me what the 5 p's were of the NEW paradigm?

Hi everybody,
Do you think it's better to buy the course?

Well fabulous. I am off to a rocky start. I put my Gold Time at 7 to 9am. Wednesdays my hubby is off and I hate getting out of the warm bed. I could change this one day but I have so much to do that I need to start early, everyday. I have left my weekends open because I usually have my grandson and I do not want to have a todo list on the weekends. One of my guidelines is JUST DO IT! I need to hang it over my bed so it is the first thing I see in the am. 

I think the first thing I am going to do is schedule Gold Time with myself each day. If I am better prepared for my week I would get more things done. So I am off to my Google Calendar :) 
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