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Anyone know anyone in SF who might be interested?

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Femtoduino qfn and 0402s

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There are 6 sessions of Glass Blowing class being offered in Kingston (it looks like it's in a building called NCC)
3/26 thru 4/30 Tuesdays 2pm -6pm
$475 +$150 materials fee.
Teacher: Pablo Weinschenk
Go to for more info or call 845.339.2025

OK - So - I have a note that Bruce uploaded a new photo from the event last night, but when I try to get it I bet a big "No!" symbol (either that or it's the British Underground logo without colour?) - and the Event item only allows me to say whether I went or not. Am I missing something?? (probably goes without saying, but....)

I am going to provide a list of a couple St Patty's Day beer kit selections to this group shortly - unless another place might be more appropriate? Lets make a choice among them and firm up a date and location to Learn to Brew Beer!

Copied from Meetup/ Facebook:

This week will mark Squidwrench's third year, so let's start it off right with a party and a discussion of what we would all like to see out of our group in 2013. If you have not come to a squidwrench meeting before, or haven't in a while, this would be the perfect time to drop in. We will be discussing two major topics : 1) what you would like to see out of Squidwrench in the coming year 2) projects people are interested in.

There will be snacks and such, feel free to bring something.

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A friend bought one of these NFC tag kits with sticker tags and a keychain ring. You can both read and program them just fine with the Nexus devices at least. Figured someone here might be interested.

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OK - let's see if this works... Anyone have access to a pushbutton surface-mount switch like the one shown? Some variance is probably OK - dimensions are roughly 6mm x 6mm x 3mm. It is a momentary pushbutton. The board it is on was recently leaked all over by a battery. I pulled the unit apart and "cleaned" it - but it isn't switching properly. This could (very likely is) the result of something else on the board, but since I don't know that that is, and the switch is accessible, I figured I would start there :)

Hey - that image worked out reasonable well, I think :)

Hello All

Hmm. Looks Socialistic to me. and yeah - no Android reasonable) interface?  Google confuses me sometimes. Oh well. Hmm - I have what may be an appropriate idea - be right back....
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