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Every pokemon manga feat i found check out all of them
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So, I'm just a tad bit curious. Say I decided to start making respect threads or at least like "feat showcases" (For this community specifically) would anyone be interested in helping me?

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PART 8 of the Sentry respect thread:


On the third part of this Respect Thread you will find a list with the powers Sentry has displayed so far. One of these powers is "Power Sharing" and this serves as a further explanation.

The Sentry empowered two beings: a young man named Billy Turner, who became Sentry's sidekick Scout:

... and also his dog Normie, who became Watchdog:

The counter-argument can be made that both Scout and Watchdog received a dose of the enhanced super-soldier-serum, which gave Sentry his powers, but we know for a fact that the serum never got re-created again and that the serum boosts the Sentry got later on, were harmless saline and even poisons, since the government was trying to kill the Sentry at the beginning:

To further prove that it was not a serum, that empowered Scout and Watchdog a different instance can be brought up.

Osborn lied to the Sentry by telling him that Tony Stark could have re-created the serum for him and that Osborn now had men working for him, who re-created the serum, which only works on the Sentry:

The lie should already be obvious by itself and the same a applies for the reason... Osborn was trying to manipulate the Sentry further into winning him over. However the tragedy was that the serum was not only not empowering the Sentry, but it had the exact opposite effect... That serum was destabilizing the Sentry psychologically, so that the Void ended up having the full control from the very beginning of the SIEGE event:

So we know that the serum Sentry took and got his powers from was a one-time-deal. The serums he then got from the government were saline and poisons in order to keep him around and also actively try to kill him and the third and final version of the serum was a psychological destabilizer, which allowed the Void to fully take over the Sentry.

Sentry was the only one, who could have given Scout and Watchdog their powers and that is being backed up by multiple bio entries as well.

When when Robert Reynolds first became the Sentry the implication was there, that he could share his power with others, something the government was afraid of:

The bio confirms that Scout and Watchdog received a portion of Sentry's power, which also confirmed the fears the government had:

In the MARVEL PETS HANDBOOK Watchdog's bio also confirms that Watchdog got his powers from the Sentry:

"Watchdog is believed to have been a normal dog named Normie until he obtained superhuman powers from the Sentry (Robert Reynolds)."

The bio goes on to say that once the Sentry erased the memories of everyone on the planet, including himself, they both lost their powers and only the Sentry regained his powers back, when he remembered his past. Sentry was one of the selected few, who regained their memories. Watchdog did not remember his past with the Sentry and therefore did not get his powers back.

In SENTRY - FALLEN SUN we see Scout and Watchdog yet again, both powerless and leading a normal life:

Minor addition: The Watchdog in the end might be the robot Sentry and CLOC built to replace the original Watchdog, but it's rather unlikely since Watchdog would still have had his own robotic powers at that point and it would have been weird to see Scout walking a robot.

It was most likely the original Watchdog, who stayed with Scout, when he lost his powers as well, while the robotic replacement is still in the Watchtower together with CLOC waiting for the return of the Sentry.


Yes, he can, but there is much more to it.

I've basically lied to you at the very beginning of this thread, by saying, that everything the Sentry does, is based on molecule manipulation. That is not entirely correct. The Sentry is actually a reality warper, who as for now believes, that his powers are based on molecule manipulation.

Him being a reality warper is something, that can be read between the lines and I don't know if Marvel will explore that aspect of the Sentry further, of if they will go with the molecule manipulation, which they established on panel.

Let's look at the reality warping aspect anyway:

Basically, the Sentry has done some iffy stuff in comics, which may be too much even for a molecule manipulator... One of those things, was erasing everyone's memories and by everyone, I do mean everyone. The Sentry had not only erased the memories of over 7 billion people, but also animals:

I don't care how much of a molecule manipulator you are, but one does not subconsciously pull the memory molecules out of every sentient being on Earth.

What's interesting to note, is that, when the memories returned, it was stated to be a "shift of reality":

Paul Jenkins, the creator of the Sentry and the writer of the story, from which the two scans above are, confirmed, that he intended the Sentry to be a reality warper:

Later on the writer Brian Michael Bendis had the Sentry realizing, that he was capable of doing, what he was doing by controlling the molecules:

However, in an interview Bendis also stated, that Sentry only thinks, that he has the powers of the molecules, but it doesn't necessarily have to be the case:

We had seen the Sentry twisting the Watchtower around:

And where I can easily see a molecule manipulator doing just that, I sure as hell can't see a molecule manipulator sending his tendrils of darkness back to 1600 B.C. to say "Hi" to Moses:

In the comics the Sentry had resurrected his wife, who got killed by Ultron and he had also resurrected himself from total annihilation. A summary of those events referred to that as the Void twisting the reality to suit his whims:

So, is the Sentry a reality warper or not? You decide.

That's all for now. Though I may add on if I find anything else that's intresting.

Link to the original:

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PART 6 of the Sentry respect thread.

(This is possible Hyperbole)

Sentry's biography states that he has limitless power, but also that it depends on his mental stability:

Sentry's Siege files state that he has limitless strength and speed and they also call him godlike:

S.H.I.E.L.D. also does not know the limit to Sentry's power set:

Scans from: Siege #3


5.01 MISC

Sentry gains his powers, sees a missile in the Ionosphere, grabs it and throws it into the Sun:

Scans from: The Age Of The Sentry #1

Golden Age Sentry and Silver Age Sentry collide, which rocks the entire city New York:

Scans from: The Age Of The Sentry #4

Sentry awakens from a Healing Coma, uhm ... duh:

Scans from: The Age Of The Sentry #6

Cranio tells Sentry, that his powers come from a different dimension and that it made him so powerful that entire universes re-shape just for him to justify his existence:

Scans from: The Age Of The Sentry #6

Zombie Sentry eats few people:

Scans from: Marvel Zombies Return #5

Zombie Sentry calls Hank Pym a degenerate wife-beater:

Scans from: Marvel Zombies Return #5

Zombie Sentry is so hungry that he punches his way through dimensions. He ends up in Heaven, where he eats few people. Sentry then punches Ash into a different universe and resurrects him that way:

Scans from: Marvel Zombies VS Army Of Darkness #1


Sentry and Sentress (Ms. Marvel) fight Ursus The Ultra Bear:

Scans from: The Age Of The Sentry #2

Sentry fights the Mountain Man:

Scans from: The Age Of The Sentry #3

Sentry fights the Void (Eddie Emmerick), loses and becomes one with him:

Scans from: The Age Of The Sentry #6

Sentry kills Ares before the Siege on Asgard and therefore goes fresh into the fight, which lets him overwhelm every opponent he faces. Ultimately he turns into the Void and destroys the Earth:

Scans from: What If? Osborn Won Siege

Sentry fights Thor during the Secret Invasion:

Scans from: What If? Secret Invasion

Sentry fights Zombie World Hulk:

Scans from: Marvel Zombies Return #4

Part 7 coming soon.

Link to the original:

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PART 7 of the Sentry respect thread.

I'm trying to keep this mainly feat and power based so I'll be adding thing's that explain his powers:


A Sentry bio, that briefly sums up his early adventures all the way up to his introduction to the canon universe:

Pretty much the best Sentry bio, which sums up his adventures from the moment he joined the New Avengers up until he joined the Dark Avengers:

There are few interesting things about the second bio:

It is stated that the Void decimated the planet Temporalon, which has also been backed up in the story and in other bio's later on, because Sentry was using tech from that planet.

One line in the bio says that the Sentry's mental state starts to fall apart with all new responsibility: "The Sentry, growing ill at ease with his renewed responsibilities and suspecting his memories were still not entirely intact [...]", which supports the idea of the Sentry losing the control over the Void, who then started taking over Sentry's body as portrayed later on.

Sentry is 6' tall and weighs in at 194 lbs... But that's probably not so important. Oh and he is left-handed!

Iron Man's files on the Sentry mention the tech from planet Temporalon:

Something that is also worth being mentioned: Iron Man also mentions that taking out the Sentry by overloading him with all of the current on-going catastrophes on the planet at that given moment was "an incredibly stupid move, since such an overload could have easily triggered a psionic outburst to remake the world more openly and cause another House of M to deal with".

He pretty much compared Sentry's potential to House of M Scarlet Witch and he was not the only one:


If you're curious about this, then you already know what exactly happened and what the controversy about it is. However, there really shouldn't be any controversy, because it was made very clear throughout the comic.

The first real attack Thor started against the Sentry was a Mjolnir strike against Sentry's chest, which left the Sentry unimpressed and Thor staggered:

The second real shot Thor got during the fight was while the Sentry was in the sky and Thor said that he was attacking with all the power under his command. Thor summoned a big lightning, which didn't all too much to the Sentry either:

The third real shot Thor got at the Sentry was after all the heroes (including Thor) got empowered by Loki's Norn stones. The Norn stones boosted the power level of the heroes so much - or at least made them so effective that even Captain America was easily capable of piercing Sentry's body with his shield toss:

In the two scans above you saw Loki talking about healing and empowering the heroes and you see them shining in rainbowy colors. The empowered Thor then summons yet another lightning in order to attack the Sentry:

But the Sentry takes that one as well. The Sentry then kills Loki. The Norn stones disappear and the heroes state that they've lost the power upgrade:

What happens then is that Iron Man uses the Helicarrier to drop it onto the Sentry, which does enough damage to help the Sentry regain his senses and turn into Robert.

Robert realizes that he caused all the death and destruction around him and asks the heroes to kill him. Thor denies that and Robert starts transforming again and yells at Thor to kill him, which Thor then does by striking him down with Mjolnir:

In my opinion the comic made it pretty much clear that Robert Reynolds was holding back so that the heroes could kill him and then choose not to resurrect himself immediately after.

Thor was trying his best in the fight before and he didn't achieve much. Thor even got a major power upgrade in the fight and it was still not enough to beat the Sentry, but when Sentry finally regained the control over his actions and asked to be killed, Thor managed to land the killing blow.

The writer of that story (Brian Michael Bendis) also confirmed that Robert Reynolds only lost and died, because he realized that it couldn't go on like that and wanted to die:

Part 8 coming soon.

Link to the original:

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So I decided to continue posting the Sentry respect thread, as there's alot more to him. Let's get right into it

Sentry respect thread PART 5:


While some heroes celebrate, Sentry still has to go out and do good stuff, because with greater power comes even more responsibility:

Scans from: Sentry V2 #1

Sentry immediately knew Spider-Man's secret identity:

Scans from: Sentry & Spider-Man

Sentry manipulates the light, so that Spider-Man can take a great picture of him (I guess):

Scans from: Sentry & Spider-Man

Wonder Man remembers the Sentry:

Scans from: New Avengers Annual #1

Nick Fury's files on the Sentry had him on power level +10, which is Hulk's power level as well, and that even before the Sentry learned an array of new powers like teleportation, regeneration, found out that he was truly immortal and overall got a power upgrade during his fight with the Molecule Man.

Nick Fury also stated that they were only able to hold the Sentry in the Raft (prison for super villains) because he wanted it in the first place and remained in there freely:

Scans from: Secret War - From the Files of Nick Fury

Sentry helps Angel to deal with his fears:

Scans from: Sentry & X-Men

Sentry flies into an explosion to get Iron Man out:

Scans from: Mighty Avengers #11

Sentry sends Watchdog to deal with Wendigo, one of Hulk's and Wolverine's opponents:

Scans from: Sentry V2 #2

Not a feat but Invincible calls Sentry "Fabio-Man":

Scans from: Marvel Team-Up V3 #14

Doctor Strange says that the return of the Sentry and the Void could mean the end of the universe:

Scans from: Sentry V1 #3

Doctor Strange admits to the Sentry that he is afraid, after taking a look into Sentry's mind:

Scans from: Sentry V2 #6

Even the Hulk fears the Void:

Scans from: Sentry V1 #5

Norman Osborn realizes what he has gotten himself into:

Scans from: Dark Avengers #4

Sentry versus the Dark Avengers:

Sentry transforms into the Void and attacks Bullseye after hearing that Lindy killed herself:

Scans from: Dark Avengers #15

Iron Man scans Sentry's body for physiological defects, but doesn't find any:

Reed Richards considers the Sentry an omega-level threat alongside the Hulk and the Phoenix:

Part 6 coming soon. Link to the original:

Would anybody here like to join a Deathbattle Kik chat? If so just leave your kik username in the comments. +Ethan 3 Tears+Benjamin the banhammer Elzey​ and +1for3 Gaming​ are all in this chat if you're intrested.

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Death vs Kratos Read rules before voting

Research or ask about Death before voting

Both are at full power

Both have all upgrades

This is Kratos from Gow3 only

Note: The argument "Kratos already beat Death" Is invalid as Kratos beat a completely different charachter who is much, much weaker.

Please provide a explanation

Who wins?
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Death(Darksiders 2)
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"One punch man is multiversal"

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Just ignore the part where I said Arceus is omnipotent.
But this person says Palkia and Dialga, who are both Galactus level, aren't very strong for the Touhouverse...
Last time I checked, most of what is said in Touhou is hyperbole...
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