is everyone dead?

Hi, I am lpsismylife. I quit the game last year, but I am still into the game a bit. I like reporting on drama, and the history of animal jam. So all my blog post will be on that. Also I will surely make blogs on the subjects that are in the "To:" box. Though I might report on the news, but that is very rare. I will be making many blogs, all witch will be written on google+. I might even post later today!

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Can we be buddys on animal jam you look real nice!
My username is Elly78890
I also record so we can record together what do you use?!

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This is mask is available at epic wonders at Halloween. But, some jammers ask way to much for it thinking its super beta just like the feathered mask. It is worth Halloween items or a RIM.

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HI GUYS! I wonder if u like this music video.....if u do.....then comment at the bottom and say how u feel about it!
(the wolf in there is me)

Hi, today i just joined so thanks for sending me the invite Rosy!  :))
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