Hat jemand gestern Markus Lanz gesehen ?
Der Vorsitzende des Richterbundes hat ein Buch geschrieben
"Das Ende der Gerechtigkeit" :
Über Gegenden wie Duisburg-Marxloh, Hamborn, Dinslaken –
In Hamborn habe ich mir gerade einen Monitor gekauft ::

Auf dem Hof einer städtischen Einrichtung spielen Kinder inmitten von Schutt und Glas. Ich frage eine Anwohnerin, die das fotografiert :
"Was war hier mal ?"
Sie: "Wieso war? Das ist ein städtischer Kindergarten. So sehen Kindergärten in Duisburg aus".
Hinter den Kindern der Boberstraße steht eine Kirche, zugesprüht mit Graffitis.
Der Tag ist "Anis".
Die Anwohnerin :
"Ach ja, das steht schon länger dort" ...

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Wondering now :
Did they do the same for google+ –
Clicked "Discover" (Entdecken) after a long time again and it seems the Nazi shit is gone there as well ... Somehow it made sense now...
By the way, this is part of the reason why pulling Nazi videos, et al. out of the recommendation engine -- as YouTube has now done -- is a big deal and very important.

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Parallel to https://indieweb.org/2016/LA - < 1 month !

+Tantek Çelik: I'm finally working on updating snowflake, my WordPress plugin, and was looking at non-linking ID tags.  I'm curious why you chose to use a space delimiter between domain and ID, a la "ttk.me t4MY1".  Why not a colon or equals, either of which would be much closer to the standard machine tag syntax.

Twitter at least doesn't seem to auto-link either style: https://twitter.com/willnorris_test/status/281248455962267648

Google+ seems to auto-link the domain when using an equals delimiter ( wjn.me=b/GW ) but not when using colon ( wjn.me:b/GW )

Did you consider either of those?  This doesn't seem to have gotten captured on on your wiki that I can find.

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Mullenweg says the way blogs are used may have shifted, but social media has, if anything, helped blogs to survive by providing a way for bloggers to distribute their posts to an audience they may never have reached before.  Blogs have become a home base: a hub of personal information, which is then pushed to services like Facebook and Twitter.


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