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Here is a list of our shared hosting pocket friendly plans

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+Tantek Çelik: I'm finally working on updating snowflake, my WordPress plugin, and was looking at non-linking ID tags.  I'm curious why you chose to use a space delimiter between domain and ID, a la " t4MY1".  Why not a colon or equals, either of which would be much closer to the standard machine tag syntax.

Twitter at least doesn't seem to auto-link either style:

Google+ seems to auto-link the domain when using an equals delimiter ( ) but not when using colon ( )

Did you consider either of those?  This doesn't seem to have gotten captured on on your wiki that I can find.

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Mullenweg says the way blogs are used may have shifted, but social media has, if anything, helped blogs to survive by providing a way for bloggers to distribute their posts to an audience they may never have reached before.  Blogs have become a home base: a hub of personal information, which is then pushed to services like Facebook and Twitter.


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