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Orion's Cult

//You require my permission to have an OC in this cult.//

//No one other than the members know this cult exists, if an OC acts like they know without ever encountering them will be considered Meta-Roleplay and will be punished.//

=A group of cultists with werewolf-like attributes, these few people are random, from kids to druggies. This cult believes in a god of technomancy, known as Orion. These cultists practice Technomancy, making them extremely powerful throughout the world with this ability to bend technology's will.

=At night time they turn into odd demon like creatures (image 2), they hide as much as possible in the night and use their robes as a disguise for the demon transformation, which is why they always wear the disguise, to never fear the fact they might change at any time.

=The leader (Middle of the image) never shown his face, he has an odd ability to kinda manipulate light, he can destroy active lightbulbs, lanterns and other active light objects.

=_Elites (3rd and 4th images) are people that have managed to manipulate their own transformation, and even transmute or manipulate gold. They wear golden cloaks and are now stuck in their demon form._
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