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Congrats again on completing the session! Here is the video recording. Please fill out the Certificate Form

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Here is my second attempt at publishing. Just published in Google Slides. Still can't figure out the problem I had with flipsnack publishing in the editing mode....So I had to delete it unfortunately from there. Any suggestions from flipsnack users would be helpful. The cover of the book is simply the first slide. hanks as always to this amazing community!

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Hello everyone
I can't believe this is our last week, and we have all learned so much from each other.  It's been such a pleasure co-moderating this amazing session!! Thanks to all the lovely co-moderating team, and in particular to Shelly for being such an inspirational organizer!

Thanks also to each and every one of you who has shared this ebook journey over the past five weeks.
The publication of each of your beautiful ebooks is a fruitful culmination of lots of hard work and dedication!  Hopefully you have been inspired to continue with more projects for the future.
 All the best

I have created an Animoto to say thanks.

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Here is a copy of the first chapter of my eTextbook, Tech in the Classroom, a resource for teachers (especially new teachers). 

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Can we access these books later on? Many of these books could be of tremendous use for our students.

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I have finally completed my first chapter . I understand that digital tools are very important to motivate and challenge our students. I have to complete it!

What a fantastic 5 weeks! eTextbook Teachers is a really engaging, motivating practical course, expertly staged and brilliantly moderated. I've really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I've learned the importance of having an overall idea and mapping it out, deciding on and adding a creative commons licence, being aware of some aspects of visual design and exploring publishing platform options. I'm looking forward to completing my eBook with the other 2 chapters. I also have a better understanding of how Google + works. Many thanks to all - Shelly, moderators and participants.

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#Wk5EbookChapter MY EBOOK ONLINE


You can find here the linkS to my e-book. I had to finish it in a short time due to serious family problems. I will post by Friday more comments as required but the busy week has not finished yet.
I chose as students can download the pdf of the book. It was easy to upload the file in pdf and most of the links are active.
I added some activities+ feedback. I am aware that it needs abetter layout but I am not at home and might be away due to serious matters.
I wish to thank all the teachers in the course and the tutors for the great support they provided us with.

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