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Congrats again on completing the session! Here is the video recording. Please fill out the Certificate Form

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Since taking and then moderating this course twice, I've learned so much about publishing and book design. I've put out two books through +Alphabet Publishing, my imprint. Then at #TESOL17 something huge happened. An author approached me asking if I would publish THEIR work. It was honor to earn +Patrice Palmer, OCELT, MEd MA's trust and here is the result!

Successful Group Work out for sale today. Learn more at: and Sign Up on our mailing list for 25% Off!

Thank you Shelly and all my co-moderators and fellow students for encouraging me and teaching me and leading me to this huge step of becoming a publisher.

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I hope this isn't spamming, but I wanted to share my book, which will soon be an eBook (waiting for the ePUB files to come back from the editor). When I joined this EVO as participant 3 years ago, I was working on a Teacher Resource Book, and now my first non-commissioned book is a teacher resource book

It's a collection of activities for the first day of class, designed to be used by ELT teachers. The book includes icebreakers and warmers as well as engaging and effective ways of doing needs evaluation and establishing rules for the class.

I think it may be the only collection of first day activities that is targeted for ELT teachers. It’s also the only one that goes beyond icebreakers to look at fun ways to introduce the rules, or do creative needs analysis. I’ve also tried to target novice and expert teachers by including clear instructions and a lot of variations.

In any case, it's proof that this course can lead to a fun (and hopefully profitable) career as an author!

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Your enriching comments on the website please and not on Google Plus! Thanks.

my name is Brita Petersson. I study at the University of Cologne (Germany) to become a high school teacher. Our country recently decided to change our school system without contemplating just what they actually signed up for. The ultimate goal is to teach everyone at one school. Up until now those with disabilities where taught at separate school that have better accommodations for their needs (wheel-chair-friendly, guiding lines for the blind, specialized teachers to help etc.). 
This semester (summer 2016) I'm taking a course that is called "Explore.Create.Share". It features the modern media and social networks and how to integrate them into class (preparation). Naturally we also work on eBooks. Now, this type of class would request, that I write a term paper. However, writing a term paper solely based on Internet sources is not something I am comfortable with, so I am taking the option of creating an eBook. 
I realize that the course is already over but I'd appreciate the opportunity if I could be permitted access to the course material.
Thanks in advance
Brita Petersson

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Time management issues, as usual. But I have gotten SO MUCH done because of your support.  My "stay just ahead of your students or be really embarrassed'  approach really worked. The first 2 parts of "The Plan" are online and being used by my students!

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By the way. I'm trying to control the number of vocabulary words in each lesson. This program is a great help. Laurence Anthony's AntConc
1) download the program 
2) Save your google doc as PLAIN TEXT
3) open AntConc
4) Click File on the usual toolbar and find your plain text file
5) Play! I start with Word List so I can edit out unnecessary words tell teachers how many different words are in the lesson. 

Have fun.
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