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reply to this post if you can help out
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Ok after a few days of legal mumbo jumbo we have decided to change the project name to Cloverleaf-Linux. we created you all a new community at.

+Karthik Ayyalasomayajula I understand you have decided to build your own distro.Well i can't say that's a bad idea now can I.
I want you to know that if you ever need a little help you can always ask us.
What are you basing your new distro off ? and will it be rolling ?

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Filesystem in Userspace

Been around since the 2.4 kernels.
You really need to re-name soon to avoid confusion

I'm kind of down that I have to migrate the one stable machine I own (my fuduntu notebook) but I support you guys in this new endeavor. 

Now about the name, I'm all in for a punny name.
If my "math" is correct 
Fedora + Ubuntu = Fuduntu
Suse + Ubuntu = Susuntu
sounds even weirder than the last one, I love it! 

How about you guys?

+Andrew Wyatt  Ik your retiring and all that but would you sitll like to be a mod
(anyone else who wants to help out post here)

Is FuSE means Fuduntu Second Edition??

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not mine
but a cool mascot :)

Put my fav logo in the bunch as temp
please vote
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