This is a message from ms Paula herself
There are still several of you who I have not gotten forms from you will not be able to stay for the event if I do not have a form in hand at the start of the evening.

In addition to the items listed below to bring add a FLASHLIGHT

Below is the list I sent out before my vacation:

I am looking forward to our New Year’s Lock in.

Please arrive by 6:30 pm on 12/31 in the Parish Hall.

Time line is as follows:

6:30 pm arrive in the Parish Hall
7:00 pm attend Mass
8:00 pm Pizza dinner
8:30 pm – 11:00 pm games, etc.
11:00 – 12:15 am Chapel for Adoration and prayer – parents are welcome to join us for this time of prayer and adoration
12:30 am – back to hall to celebrate New Year and play more games
8:00 am breakfast
9:00 am departure

What to bring:
Sleeping bag and pillow for those who plan on sleeping at all
Snacks and sodas to share
Your favorite games for us to play

What to wear:
Jeans and t-shirts – no shorts since we will be going to the chapel

Life is an interesting thing. To us it is very short. But to God it is eternal. So lets go ahead and pray. Today we pray for the wonderful gift of life that God gave us. Remember that not only is life a gift, but we were made with a soul so even after we die in our human life, we can live forever with God almighty. We would like to pray for the Dimanno family as they go through the rough time of grieve, as they morn over the passing of their Grandfather. We pray that the remember that God is always with them, and that they have plenty of friends to "vent" to through this hard time.

If you see this please pray for the Dimanno's Grandfather's soul, as he goes through purgatory. We pray that he will one day be graced by God in Heaven

Hey everyone do not forget that Jon and Maria 1 are doing youth group on Sunday. But do not forget that Emily is wants to finish Carry your Candle and then start Praise you in this storm during the High school youth group

Thanks and hop you have a great week until Sunday

When you will have a greater week

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Jesus loves you! Pass it on...


Just messing around with Adobe After Effects to make animated text effects so here is my first test/sample/demo.

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Animated Photo

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Hey my dad said that we are going to bring stofers macaroni and cheese, sorry elvin 

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Been to the eye doctor lately? Try this vision exam...

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He will lead you through troubled waters.

I just have to Jesus this place up

the pool party is still in August
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