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Hi peoples

Thanks for joining Fun Stuff
There are three owners in the group
+Kawaii Marshmallow​ ((Meh))
+Friendship Art​​​​​​ ((ik her irl))
+Raven Shadow​​​​​​((ik her irl too))

◾Dont be a bully
◾No dating or inapropriate stuff
◾No 'this image is possessed by a demon' posts... Please
◾No bad language
◾Most of all Have Fun!!

I will promote you all to mod, but you can't change the name or picture
There will be 3 Strikes until immediate ban!

Message from Candy.

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My Brother&me ,he was my camping Buddy,my best friend,he past away from cancer and I've been a recluse ,I'm suddenly feeling like living again,hoping to meet my new best friend..

Omg I remember this place

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Q & A

Ask me questions in the comments... So yeah and also it will probably be posted on YouTube, so I'll answer your questions!


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Ikr ;-; ↓

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Hi guys I'm not going to be on that much this week so I'm looking up to +Raven Shadow​, +Friendship Art​, or one/two of the mods to look after the community, cya people

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Plz report these two fucktards, there calling +Fanta Fox​ stupid ugly fat and insulting her amazing art while telling her to khs.
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