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README - RWD Community Posting Rules


— If your post is not specifically about Responsive Web Design as defined by Ethan Marcotte's A List Apart article, it will be removed.

— This is not a community for sharing generic web design or development advice. If you do not heed these rules, your post will be removed. And subsequent off-topic posts will result in a ban.

— Additionally, your post may be removed for the following reasons;

• Low quality posts, either poorly written or otherwise hard to read and understand

• Articles that are just an explanation of what RWD is; there are many, many of these out there and we don't need to see them; this is a community of practitioners

• Articles that compare RWD to another methodology

• Articles that the mods believe have been written to gain your business search engine traffic, rather than bringing value

• Posts promoting frameworks, WordPress plugins, themes (paid or not) or jQuery plugins. We get so many of these it floods the postings; if you are looking for one, ask what people recommend and get help in the comments

• Posts that are seen to be only promoting your business or service

This is not an exhaustive list, and from time to time the mods may make exceptions; users who are not mods can report posts as spam for mods to review where they do not follow the above rules.

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Stop Using Device Breakpoints

Device breakpoints are a thing of the past. And here's why.

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Simple Responsive #CSS Grid

Who couldn't use another grid to go with the other 100? 💁🏼 This was just a small exercise, very lightweight using `box-sizing` to create an 8-column #responsive #grid. 🚀
Animated Photo

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Here's the first of many new responsive patterns

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The web design industry has catapulted in terms of progress over the past few years, and a lot can still be expected from the field at the current pace of technological advancements.

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This article describes how to create a simple image slider with a responsive design using only CSS3. This slider may look identical to the previous one, but now it has a new operating principle.

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Let’s take a closer look at some stats to see why a responsive site can make a significant difference in your business.

#Responsive #WebDesign
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