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NYX  the 5 color eyeshadows collection is just fabulous!! The colors are vibrant and they last for hours (make sure to dip your eyeshadow sponge in water for better results).
On the other hand, I tried their lip liners and I was disappointed. They are very weak and they never stay on lips. I don't recommend them.
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the new h&m beauty line is out now! :) 

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How to wear Red lipstick?
They key point is to pick a shade that works with your skin tone.
Apricot and peach shades are perfect for light skin tones, pumpkin shades look fabulous on olive skin tones, bright corals looks stunning on deep skin tones.
- Application:
First of all, make sure that your lips are soft because red lipstick makes the dry lips look even drier (you can scrub them with sugar and vaseline to get rid of chapped look). Then, line up your lips before applying the lipstick to get a long lasting color. Don't forget to finish the steps with a light tap of compact powder around the lips to prevent the color from smudging & spreading out from your lips.

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To make an Statement, always keep a strong balance in your style.
For makeup choose colors that compliments your skin and clothes, and always focus on 1 area (either eyes or lips).
For clothes same thing applies, create a balance between upper & lower or inside & outside. for example, if you're wearing a colorful pants choose a top with only 1 color, or if you're wearing a shirt with ruffle always choose your pants/blazer with a simple cut. Also, the simpler the clothes the bigger the accessories you can wear.
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