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Techniques to learn any language too fast.

1 - learn the right word in the beginning.

For this download ankidroid to memorize it.
Listen audios in your target language.
Right it and speak loudly the phrases over and over again.
Visit site as
in this you find out more advises. See you later. Bye.

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OK. Today we will start by learning the personal pronouns

I - Eu
You - Você
He - Ele
She - Ela
They - Eles/ Elas

Play close atention in this phrases:

I am a studant
(Eu sou estudante).

You are studying portuguese
(Você está estudando português).

He likes to read books.
(Ele gosta de ler livros).

She loves to listen music.
(Ela ama ouvir música).

They go to the party.
(Eles/Elas vão para a festa)

This is the examples where you can memorize. I hope that you enjoy them.

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