Completely restructure Wealthcare?? Aren't we gonna talk about healthcare reform??
How many of your friends or family are on daily medications?? Have the instances of diabetes, ADHD, cancer, obesity, infertility, etc. increased ??
When did we ever think that combining two publicly funded opposed administrations?? Who would pay for foods sprayed with or modified to kill pest and other organic matter? Oh pick me please!!!! Now  herbicide's are absorbed the rest just washed off into your wells, rivers, streams, oceans and reservoirs. Don't all the fish and animals drink this poison?? Do they have a choice??? Ahhhh !!! Humans do we can drink bottled water!!! Why?? Well they poison the water so they can charge us again with bottled water!!!  Wait so they charge you for eating and drinking poison?? Yup! Oh just you wait an see nope they sprayed the sky's again!!! What?? With what?? So these Corporation's have been allowed or licenced by who's Government?? They create massive harms to the air, water and Earth. Then charge us for the cleanup!! My child here is your lunch a mc murder burger and a jumbo high fructose corn syrup drink🤔. Cost the same as a bottle of water and an apple!!?!  Back on track!! Healthcare!!! I have a primary doctor?? What?? This primary charges then refers you to another charge again and again. You know how much you pay??? A Lot!!! You do not see it because health insurance pays!!! I have been to one doctor one time in 8 years!! My health is very good. Now I pay the same as the murder burger, fructose water that smokes 7 packs of cigarettes each day??? I have not took a drug including aspirin since ? Recreationally​ yeah I have  depending on your definition of drug! Billions of dollars are waisted on the maintenance of illness!! We never hear of the Natural Remedies and yes Cures of the past. Researched and used for hundreds if not thousands of years.. Why?? No profit in selling you apples, carrots, basil, garlic or cinnamon my friends!!? Here eat these pills every day for the rest of your life!!! PROFIT!! Advertising more soda, burgers, chips, processed foods poisoning society so we can sell them life maintenance medication!!

American system= Wealthcare not Healthcare!!
1.Education of the population.
First Care for your own health !!
2. For every dollar spent promoting/advertising a pharmaceutical one dollar could be spent on the promotion/advertising of healthy diet and lifestyle choices.
Why are there no advertisements for and the health benefit of fresh vegetables, oils, seeds or grains??
(No Profit)
These mega corporations are profit machines. There is no profit in a healthy population!!!
Why do you think soda, candy, fast food and chip's are if not the most promoted/advertised products?? ( Next is pharmaceuticals )
They teach our children from birth what is good ( Yummy)) through advertising!! Not only promoting unhealthy eating habits they are building a greater need for big pharmaceutical!!!
Now who is ultimately responsible for your health?? I would like to say you are. However with so little information and the suppression or manipulation of test results??
They told us for many years Smoking Cigarette was OK??
The fluoridation of your water supply?? Toothpaste has poison control phone number?? If swallowed call!!!
So who is responsible?? The Food and Drug Administration, Your Doctor!!!
You my friend unknowingly pay these (())) to make you sick! Then you are made to pay again for the management of the infliction!!!
Notice billions of dollars spent on curring maladies!!!
Never a cure!!! (( No Profit))
Manage the sickness with symptom suppressing drugs!!
This is the problem with the American Wealthcare System!!

How many thousands of years have our ancestors used nature as the source of all remedies and cures?? Now how many years has big pharmaceutical dissected, manipulated and then monopolized on nature?? Should all of humanity suffer or be caged for ingesting an oil, seed, root, leaf or flower that has been used for thousands of years? They spray and alter our crop's with ROUNDUP?? They alter the genetic makeup of our foods!! Poisoning our air, food, sea and yes me!!!
Big Lobbies and even Bigger Profit!!! Do I this Natural Living Man have a right to use all of Nature?? Has anyone noticed the almost complete suppression of natural cures and remedies?? Big Profit for Big Pharmaceutical and even Bigger Jails!!


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