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1. Thanks so much for joining this community and make sure to have fun!
2. Time to be a killjoy:
            PLEASE READ THE RULES! No one is allowed to speak in the LOUDSPEAKER, Mini Games, or Current Events, not even moderators! And unless you are a moderator, you cannot post anything in the mod section, not even comment. The rules are always at the top of the page! Also, please don't ask to be a moderator unless there are open spots. If there are any moderator slots open Maria Wang will let us know in a post. Anyone who posts in the LOUDSPEAKER, Mini games, or Current Events twice will have to be removed from the community, so please be mindful if you have already posted there once. Lastly, I'm going to summarize:
- Please do not post anything non-Transformice related.
- Do not copy a pic from the "Artsy Stuff and Videos" section and use it for your own on any other post without the original poster's permission.
- Do not post anything in the LOUDSPEAKER, Mini games, or Current Events, posting anything in there for two times will get you kicked out of the community. - Unless you are moderator, you can NOT say ANYTHING in the mod section, not even comment.

Members may post things in Arsty Stuff & Videos, Q&A, Chat, Stop-Being-A-Noob Tricks, Pro Tricks, Hard/Divine Mode Tricks, Ask the Mods, and, if you are a moderator, Mod Chat/Discussion.

LASTLY.... HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun is always good.....yeah! FUN! Let's keep on inviting people and posting fun pics!!

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Hey guys! I'm doing comissions!
Prices :
head shot : 5cc
head shot w/shading :10cc
head shot w/shading and color : 15cc

full body : 20cc
full body w/shading : 25cc
full body w/shading and color : 30cc

I can negotiate prices, if necessary!
Examples are on my profile

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I agree.

Never trust scammers, even if they're you're bff. Maybe if they're your family friends, and you trust them a lot, you can, but, if you'd like to try: it's only about the trustworthiness they show, but I wouldn't do it. This guy once told me if I gave cc out of my inventory to him, he'd give me furs. I trusted him and at the same didn't, (won't make that much of sense to you.). I decided to get proof, which was the fun part.

I told him to give me a picture of his fraises - and so he did, when he did, it was fake which I totally didn't notice yet because i'm dumb. Before giving my cc, even though knowing that it wasn't fully fake, I blocked him.

Later, about a few hours, I thought of that guy. I searched up fraises, and the same picture he showed me came up. So, he got exposed there, he got it off on Google images. His mouse didn't even look like that, (<<< by that I mean his mouse looked different when i met him, when he said he took the screenshot "RN") and in that picture it was the old TFM, which i noticed at first.

so yah, stay safe.
Reminder to people,

Never trust anyone that yells 50-1000cc for really good furs!
IT'S A SCAM. Not even if they say I promise, if you don't believe me then have fun getting scammed.

(sorry for putting this in wrong section)

I need help, i reported this creep and I ignored them......What are your guys' thoughts on this? I just met this person and they wouldnt stop stalking me throughout the game.

> [e2] [Sethblackmai] baby respnd
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] repsond
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] no its love
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] i will see you tommorow baby :)
< [Sethblackmai] yeah uh no...
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] and dont forget to take care of the children
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] so dont forget
< [Sethblackmai] uh dude we dont have children and idek you!
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] children we will soon have
< [Sethblackmai] uh excuse me?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] yes u heard me children we will soon ahve
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] have
< [Sethblackmai] uh idek you....
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] yes you do now
< [Sethblackmai] uh..........
< [Sethblackmai] ok?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] so we will get together no matter what
< [Sethblackmai] are you drunk?...
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] no
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] im gonna have children
< [Sethblackmai] uh how?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] on gonna find u even i gonna have to track your account to where you live
< [Sethblackmai] um.....can you not do that? i will call the police on you if you keep this up
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] what police love police
< [Sethblackmai] uh how old are you anyways?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] what am i doing
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] wrong
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] tell me
< [Sethblackmai] you are trying to have kids and i dont want that that is whats wrong
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] wrong in your head but not mine
< [Sethblackmai] well excuse me, i dont want to have sex with a random stranger...
< [Sethblackmai] i would prefer to stay single and a virgin...
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] no you wouldent
< [Sethblackmai] uh yes i would.
< [Sethblackmai] who are you anyway?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] who am i
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] why should i tell you or are you calling the police
< [Sethblackmai] uh i want to know because you are a creep and just want random women
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] i dont think so
< [Sethblackmai] oh? then why are you getting like creep like this with me?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] for revenge
< [Sethblackmai] revenge for what?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] something
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] for something i cant tell you
< [Sethblackmai] what something???????? THAAT DOES NOT TELL ME ANYTHING
< [Sethblackmai] do you know me in real life?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] do i know maybe or maybe not
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] do you know
< [Sethblackmai] are you just trying to creep me out ?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] maybe
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] or not
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] you tell me
< [Sethblackmai] .......
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] whats that for??
< [Sethblackmai] ......
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] ....
< [Sethblackmai] Uh no. Dont you even try that, unless you answer my questions HONESTLY im not going to say anything
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] ok tell me then all of them
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] why your not talking ask me all of them
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] tell me all the qeustions
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] aww fuck it
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] TELL ME
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] tell me or i will do something you dont want to happen
< [Sethblackmai] cause what to happen?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] just tell me im going insane
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] and you dont want me like that
< [Sethblackmai] uh thats what ive been telling you.....duh?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] i will rage quit on you
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] im getting more insane the second
< [Sethblackmai] and?..
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] i would kill
< [Sethblackmai] kill?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] yes kill
< [Sethblackmai] kill who?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] anyone i see
< [Sethblackmai] a specific name perhaps?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] bullies
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] mean people
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] people i hate
< [Sethblackmai] then why are u running to me?...
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] bc you might become one of them
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] if you font
< [Sethblackmai] how am i a bully?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] dont
< [Sethblackmai] if i dont what?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] now im a broken heart for revenge
< [Sethblackmai] ok
< [Sethblackmai] ?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] im on a way to find you
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] your my new target congrats
< [Sethblackmai] ......
< [Sethblackmai] uh ok?
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] why so worried
< [Sethblackmai] im not worried just annoying
< [Sethblackmai] annoyed*
> [e2] [Sethblackmai] so your not worried your gonna die

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I finally got my 2nd survivor badge! I'm new to this game so I ain't that pro x3

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Hello! I am new to this community and I enjoy to play Transformice. I'm glad I was able to find a community for this. :)

If you wanted to know a little bit about me, I don't play Transformice like a pro. I try my best in survivor and getting wall jumping right, but most of the time I'm failing at both of them. I also enjoy drawing little messages for friends :3
The drawing of my Transformice look is from a great friend of mine. Her deviant art is Deleca-7755

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Join my Community! for Gaming content

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Who Wants me To Play Transformice on my Channel?
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Frick No
I'll think about it

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Lets make this community alive again ;)

We have hit alot of members! 150+ and that's pretty crazy. right? So, why not make this community alive again. Here, we have a WOULD you rather? ;^).

WOULD you rather?
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Have 99999999 Fraises, But No Friends
Have Friends But No Fraises
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