sitting in the library, I flick through the pages of an old book, sat leaning back at one of the desks, with stacks of dust covered books surrounding me

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sitting on the edge of the roof, looking at the ground below, ready to jump

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Name: Jake Kuroshiro
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race/Species: 1/3 Demon, 1/3 Neko, 1/3 Human
Features: Dark black hair, dark black eyes, at times when his focus breaks his neko ears and tail appear, at times has pointed ears and black wings. Wears a black cloak trimmed with silver, a black shirt and black pants. He also has a black sword and light blue crystalline sword on his back.
Likes: tech, hacking, training, friends, being petted while in neko form
Dislikes: his father, his demonic potential and powers, annoying people and bullies
Agility: Exceptional
DOB: January 17th
Weight: 59kg
Height: 172cm
Class: A4
Bio: Jake is the son of Satan himself. His mom was a Neko human. Jake despises Satan completely and feels responsible for his mothers death as she couldn't handle giving birth to Satan's spawn. He became an exceptional mage mastering all kinds of different magics. He's a techy and a Master hacker. He's also a master swordsman
Personality: cold, lone-wolf, distant, but actually sensitive, protective, kind, sweet, caring once you get to know him. He also values bonds and lives of those he loves.
"I'll destroy him. I'll destroy Satan.......I'll end his life!"
Powers: Shadow Magic, Light Magic, Tech Magic, Fire Magic, Form switch.
Shadow Wave :Jake sends waves of shadows at his enemies. He uses his swords to create the waves.

Shadow Charge : Jake can charge his swords or parts of his body with shadow energy. Strengthing them.

Dark Vortex : Jake creates a dark void vortex around his opponent dealing massive damage and can leave the enemy dizzy and confused

Shadow Travel :Jake can freely travel through the shadows for a quick getaway or to dodge an opponents attack

Nightmare : Jake traps his opponent within a dark void. Within the void Jake strikes his opponent quickly multiple times and the inside looks like a nightmare. He reserves this move as it's his most powerful

Light Surge : Light surges from Jake's body and travels throughout the battle field. The light gains the properties of Lightning and strikes his opponent quick and ferociously

Light Charge :Similar to Shadow Charge. The only difference is that he charges his swords or parts of his body with light

Blue Hellfire : Jake creates a blue fire than burns hotter than magma, he can create massive amounts of it, have it engulf his body or create fireballs in his hands
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sitting in the computer lab, typing on the computer hacking into the mainframe of the library in town I know they have info on him........
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Name: Banshee-99
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Race/Species: Exo
Features: Red lights as eyes and blue light in his mouth, with a jet black paint job
Likes: Weaponry from the past
Dislikes: People with no respect for history
Agility: above average
DOB: Unknown
Weight: 240 lb
Height: 6' 8"
Class: A-2
Bio: The Exos were built long ago for an unkown war, and many were left to rot away, until recently they were reborn through "light", granting them powers to protect the city. Banshee-99 is one example, and has an extreme interest in weaponry and technology from long ago, and has a large warehouse dedicated to his personal collection of technology
Personality: cold to strangers, slow to warm up to people, but very easy to get along with. DO NOT play poker with him
"Saying": none
Powers: "Storm Fist" allows him to punch an enemy, and destroy them, making them vaporise completely
"Fist of Havoc" allows him to fal from the sky after jumping, sending out a pulse of energy that completely destroys any enemy caught within its radius
Skills: Execellent with most forms of weaponry, especially old style firearms

sat on the school roof after coming back from a mission, with my armour still on, reading text books to prepare for the test thats coming up
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