Please invite people!!!

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Silly beans are silly. And stuff.

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 Hello! In case any of you are wondering, i'm going to be running this place. Some people are probably wondering what Bloons is, so here is a link to the website. There, you can find all the Bloons games, etc. I would recommend playing Bloons TD5 first. If you are wondering, my profile there is zzzzyyyy. You can follow me there, and I will friend you. Those are the basic links, and I should be back later with more! 

The Person in charge of this will be my friend Ben F., I will check up every once in a while.

We have hit 6 members so I will do the special event, check the sidebar under Pokemon.

When we hit 5 people I will do a special event.

I've decided to start off with pokemon, when we hit 10 members.=)

Please say what TCG types you want to see first?
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