I wanted to post a video if that is OK

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Hope you enjoy it also follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my new YouTube account

The Deathclan Deputy Yawned accidentally walking over the border, Seeing you She realized she crossed the border and trampled back to her own side.

|| Open Roleplay to preferably LakeClan ||

BirchStar purred as she watched a butterfly fly off the cat-tail near the wonderful blue lake of her clan. She stood up, sensing a cat trot up behind her..

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hey everybody in my about this community i am adding a name chart for what names you can have! and im adding a new category! it is going to be for talking about the books and making your own stories!
and should i add art trades and commisions for people? 
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your choice ^.^
your choice ^.^

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Name: FenrirHeart
Clan: SpiritClan
Rank: Deputy
Age 29 moons
Appearance: picture
Personality: Strong and loyal shecat. She is a good fighter and a great hunter
Parents: MorningDove and EagleClaw
Siblings Frostfur
Mate: TigerBlaze
Kits: ThistleTail, Ocean breeze and MidnightPelt
Bio: Nothing special
Art: Mine

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For adoption! First person to say moon gets him! Also write the name and stuff for him?!

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ok everybody i am having a contest! so here is the contest
so whoever gets the most people to join wins free art from me for a month! i will also make some OC's for people who need some ideas just a little update! also i will make a new clan!
vote there! (this is badgerheart's OC! they emailed me and asked me to make them a OC! +badgerheart )

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OK here is my OC lol OK
Name: sorrelclaw (this is my warrior OC)
Age: 16 moons (new warrior)
Clan:starclan (is dead and yes you may rp in starclan!)
Bio: unknown
Personality: rude unkind and has some temper issues (aww another brambleclaw lol)
Kits: rainkit and flamepaw (also dead) and echopaw (not dead)
Kin: rainkit flamepaw and echopaw
Other: he has Amber eyes not green hehe

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Name. BloodDart. Age. 17 moons. Bio. Lost when he was a kit. He's been trying to find the cat who murdered his family
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