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Name: mouse leg
Age: 16 moons
personality: childish,  shy
Rank: warrior
Likes: heights/tall rocks
Dislikes: dogs and large birds 
Skills: can see well in the dark
Gender: female
Bio: she was born a kittypet, she had only her father and one sibling growing up, when she was 14 moons she found a huge lake in the forest, she saw cats their ,but it did not bother her, but one day an other cat found her and told the leader. soon the leader found her and soon joined the clan.

 Name: rock claw
Age: 25 moons
personality: gets pissed easily
Rank: warrior
Likes: stars and water
Dislikes: dogs and kittypets 
Skills: large jumps and is very quick.
Gender: male
Bio: he was born in the clan with two siblings, he was bullied as a kit,so he had no friends, so he thought. there was one kit that liked him, but he thought not much of it. his siblings where mean to him to.
soon he grow up and still had no one,but the one kit who was now an  apprentice at the time.  

Name: eclipse pelt
Age: 17 moons
personality: nice and outgoing
Rank: warrior
Likes: fields, birds and the moon 
Dislikes: water and two legs
Skills: good a seeing in the dark and camouflage
Gender: female
Bio: she was born in the clan with no siblings, the other cats where confused ,because of her pelt, she visits the lake to see the fish and tried to catch them. but shes not a very good fisher and fell in one day and almost drowned luckily she was saved. by a rouge nearby, she is now searching for that same rouge.
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Littlefang sorted her small amount of herbs in the den, flicking her small ears as she parted them into neat piles, she felt the wind picking up and glanced outside of the den nervously, it was raining. Great.. She mumbled

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Name: Whitefeather
Age: Around 24 moons
personality: He reacts quickly, but was never really great at fighting other clans. He is swift, although a little fat. Sometimes he doesn't want to, but he obeys all of his leader's orders.
Rank: Warrior
Likes: Ice, kits, and the sound of birds.
Dislikes: Wars, arguing, failing to catch prey, and his old clan.
Skills: He is swift, which makes for his ability to catch prey so well. He also reacts quickly, as I said before. He also is a wonderful swimmer, which is good considering he's in LakeClan.
Gender: Male
Bio: No one but Whitefeather really knows his backstory. He was born a runt and his mother thought he wouldn't survive. His siblings teased him about how weak he was, but he fought them off. He thought about going to a new clan, but he never did really get the courage to do it. When he was an apprentice he fought in his first battle and he will never forget that day. He quickly hid once the battle started because he knew he stood no chance. He watched from the safety of a tall rock. All of his clan's warriors had some injury. The worst part of it all was that his siblings had all been killed. That night he ran away from his clan and his old life and found LakeClan. He lived there and that brings us to the end of his story...well, not the end, but the new beginning. He is now a warrior is LakeClan and he tries not to think about his old clan.

Name: Dovekit
Age: 4 moons
personality: He is the strongest of his litter (so far) and shy beyond meaning. He also is playful, but only with his siblings.
Rank: Kit
Likes: Chasing his tail, catching leaves, and doves.
Dislikes: Getting hurt, dogs, doing nothing.
Skills: The only thing that he's shown he's good at is fighting, but really he only knows a few moves.
Gender: Male
Bio: Dovekit was born the biggest of his litter. His siblings fight with him but they don't like playing with him much because of the way he plays. He hurts them but he doesn't realize it. He can't wait to become an apprentice because he thinks he will be the best warrior, maybe even deputy someday.

So...those are my main two for this clan I guess.
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Hello! My name is Lightstar, I am the leader of this clan.

My name is Littlefang, I am the medicine cat.

Here are some rules, Don't worry, we aren't to strict.

Please do not start drama without my permission, I only ask of this because I don't want a bunch of posts about random forest fires and whatnot, Don't worry, I will except some of these if they are realistic.

Please don't fight, if it's playful fighting or roleplay wise that's fine, but if you are arguing with somebody both of you will get a warning.

Moderate your language.
some swearing is okay, just keep in mind that some younger people may be joining.

and last but not least,

Please make a character profile, And if you want to apply for lead roles like deputy or medicine cat apprentice, let me know!
I will only choose one deputy, until that deputy drops out or.. Y'know. Passes. (roleplay wise)

Here is the character profile thing. .v.


it doesn't have to be in this order, i'll write up my characters.

Also you can have four characters, if one dies you can replace them!

Name: Lightstar
Age: Twenty moons.
Rank: Leader.
Likes: Tree climbing, Good weather, snow, and hunting.
Dislikes: Rain, Windstorms, battles.
Skills: Very observant, has sharp hearing, which helps her while she hunts.
Gender: Female.
Bio: She was born as a rogue, she grew up without a father and with three siblings, when she was around eighteen moons she decided to start a clan, she found a nice little spot in the woods with a huge lake, She settled next to it and found an island in the middle (this isn't the lake in the books.) Large enough to hold many cats, this is where she decided to start her clan.
Personality: Careful, she's very casual and doesn't like to start fights, but if she has to she's quick to defend her clan, She also has a good sense of humor and will often share her little puns with the kits.

Name: Littlefang
Age: thirteen moons
Rank: Medicine cat
Likes: Herbs, healing, Peace, speaking with starclan.
Dislikes: Rogues, bad weather, fighting, border skirmishes.
Skills: she can sense distress and often feels negative energy from other cats, She tends to heal physically and emotionally, she enjoys counseling distressed or sad cats.
Personality: Caring, A little shy, and very attentive.
Bio: When she was a kit she lived in a group with her parents siblings, and friends, one day a larger group of rogues attacked and killed all of them except her father, who hid her under a dumpster and fought with the attackers, When it was over he collected her and found Lightstar, who raised her as her father couldn't bring himself to take care of her, Lightstar taught her how to heal and counsel and when she was twelve moons, she made her a medicine cat.
Gender: female.

"Is that all they need to know Lightstar?"

"You forgot somebody, short one."

"Woops! Sorry Codex.."

"Hello there, I am Codex. I'll describe myself with Lightstar's permission."

"Go ahead."

Name: Codex
Age: Twenty three moons.
Likes: Wolves, Her siblings, And old pack.
Bio: Codex was found by a wolf, (Onyxia) and she took her In and raised as along with her pups, Dakota, Vargo, And Lino, She lived with them until she was old enough to leave, she wandered away and found a loner named Eris, She traveled with them until one day Eris was killed by a rouge (who was in the same group that was in Littlefang's story) Codex grew dark and untrusting as they had let the rouge join them, She has a hard time growing close to other cats, the only cats she considers her friends are Littlefang and Lightstar.
Rank: Warrior.
Dislikes: Rouges, foxes, dogs, a lot of other cats.
Gender: Female.
Skills: She is very skilled in fighting, and knows a lot of strategies that the wolves taught her.
Personality: Nervous around others, Has a hard time trusting, slow to anger, will lash out if she is provoked.

Codex is the dark brown tabby, Lightstar is the silver one, and Littlefang is the smaller calico.

If you have questions let me know and i'll gladly answer!
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pfft for some reason the community picture won't save, so here it is.

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yo I drew my trashy oc

ayy m8 here's a roleplay thing

this community is dead though but im still going to post .v.

Littlefang was wandering around the island in search of herbs All I really need is tansy and catmint.. she mumbled to herself, but she couldn't seem to find what she was looking for

Hey! just a reminder if you joined please make a character profile if you want to roleplay. .v.
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