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Post has attachment 742 friends + 1 dollar each + 742 songs later if need be means Goal met and = I step closer to regular gigs My ultimate goal is to get good enough to go to back to school. I want to do Music Therapy or Music Ministry or combo of both. It’s a long road to the right skills for that. Right now the goal is to play out more and get my own sound figured out. Will you help me?

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യേശുദാസ് സലിൽ ചൗധരി ഹിന്ദി ഹിറ്റ്. ചിത്രം ആനന്ദ് മഹൽ (1977). രചന - യോഗേഷ് ഗോർ

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Picture Atlantic has opened for Coldplay, Styx, The English Beat, Say Anything and Eisley. They are a Bay Area staple who are now taking the next step to further their music.

They've raised $3,000 out of their $10,000 goal to record their third album through Music Putty. Music Putty is a site that allows passionate music fans to discover, stream (for free), and support artists directly. Think Kickstarter meets Pandora but for solely independent musicians. 

Check out Picture Atlantic's campaign here:

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Hi Everyone!

I want to invite you to listen to a preview of the first album of Anybody There. We're a duet f dreamers working alone. We started recording our own songs on Dicember 2014, the funny fact is that we did from the distance (through internet) 'cause Manu and I live in different cities. It was a crazy experience, 'cause at that time we had only met once in our life, and it wasnt even for playing music haha. 

The album is called Monsters and it contains ten songs writen in English. The sound edition was made by Manu, and he also worked on the strings and brass arragements, the drums and synthes (all midi, of course) and recorded his voice, bass and guitars. I only recorded my voice and piano (such a lazy woman eh) and wrote almost all the lyrics. 

The thing is that we've got the music and the artwork (which is AWESOME, Krysthopher Woods is our genius illustrator) BUT we dont have the money to print it. In Argentina there's no such a culture of buying digital music as there's in the USA, so it's kind of a MUST to have a physical version of the album if we want to succeed. That's why we decided to start a Crowdfunding Campaign. 

We started yesterday and surprisingly we got the 10% of the fundraising thing!!! I've been really scared about it all the week, you know.. if it doesnt work then we dont get our album ! 

It'd mean A LOT if you could help us reaching our goal. We're standing in the first step of our career but we want our music to be heard. It doesnt matter if you cant collaborate with money, but if you can just tell somebody about us.. unless the bartender, or your taxi driver ooor dont know.. your cat? Well that would be AWESOME!!! 

I really hope you can join us in this crazy, but lovely, trip. Thank you so much for your time.

Here are the links :)

Anybody There Youtube Channel:

CrowdFunding Campaign:

Love from Argentina

Anybody There
Anybody There
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