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Name:Bass Breaker
Talent:DJ, making music
CM: treble symbol plugged into a vinyl record
personality:shy, caring, friendly when you get to know him, and protective
Pet: Demonhound named Fang
Short Bio:Bass was born in Manehattan. When he was in High school he heard a performance by Neon Lights and was inspired to become a DJ. Afew years after High School he moved to Canterlot and worked several of the clubs. Two years later he moved to Ponyville and met his Idol Vinyl Scratch.
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Name- Sonic Healer
Personality- bubbly and fun around friends, shy around people she doesn't know
Cutie mark- Red cross, magnifying glass, quill
Bio- Sonic is a shy unicorn who grew up an orphan. She is very smart, and writes books, reads books, helps other species in need, solves crimes/murder, etc. Sonic build her own sonic screwdriver, but her cutie mark has a red cross, a magnifying glass, and a quill. Her role model is Sherlock Hooves, but unlike his boldness, she is quite shy. She is also the pony to go to if you have any problems. Her pet, a baby dragon named Sage(Sagittarius), helps her out, like Spike helps Twilight. Despite her shyness, she will protect anypony being hurt or bullied, even if it's just some random pony on the street.
Likes- stallions, helping others, solving crimes, reading/writing books, computer stuff, helping Fluttershy with the animals
Dislikes-Bullies, evil species, unsolved crimes

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Name: vinyl scratch
Age: 15
Gender: mare
Race: unicorn/human
Personality: AWESOME
Bio: music is my life and wubs
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Name: Princess Love Sing
Gender: Mare
Talent: singing
Race: alicorn

goes to school first day of school..... I HATE IT! goes inside lets see.... somepony runs on me ???: oh sorry my name is rainbow. YOURS?
Oh my name is Princess Love Sing I am new here Rainbow dash: Ok so you want to hangout sometime Me: um yea! school bell rings rainbow dash: Well bye Me: bye! goes to my class (open rp)

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Name: Dues Ex Solstice
Age: 30
Sex: Stallion
Race: Earth pony
Info: Field Researcher for the EADC or Equestrian Agency for Disease Control
Relationship status: Dating  +Princess Celestia 

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comes out of the everfree forest in a weird suit
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