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I have finally finished my "Osprey" VTOL jet. It too me 3 days to build, test, and balance it but it was worth it. I was even able to land it on the pads on top of the VAB. I then parked it to look nicer for Jeb's Photo.
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Stock part MK3 cockpit tweak - nice!

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Stock Scale Real Solar System is a branch of RSS, and I thought this was a pretty neat demonstration of its ring sharders.


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There's a lava-lamp. 'Nough said.

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GRIM AERO - X17 Starfire

Joyride, working on X17 head to head dogfighting videos, in the mean time here is a teaser to show off the flight capabilities of this tiny fighter. 

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As of today (March 25), the X-37B has spent 675 days on its latest Earth-circling mission, which is known as Orbital Test Vehicle-4 (OTV-4). The previous record was 674 days, set during OTV-3, which lasted from December 2012 to October 2014.

It's unclear what the new duration record will end up being; most X-37B activities and payloads are classified, and the Air Force has historically been tight-lipped about landing plans.

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[ENG / PC] KSP - New Career: PT 1 - Rockets & more

I started a new career for a dual stream on Twitch and Beam.

This career uses a few mods, but the root part is the contract mod and using the unmanned before manned tech tree mod as well.


This is my play through of Kerbal Space Program


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My Kerbal's recent achievements:
-Their first Mun landing
-First Minmus landing
-First operational space station
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GRIM AERO - X17 Starfire

Having a blast flying this Tiny Fighter Mk1 cockpit, Mk0 fueltanks and engines, utilizing Grim Aero's VAX (Vertical Assited aXis).

Get your dramamine pills ready for the dogfighting videos, they are sick, and might make you hurl.
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I apologize to anyone who was let down by the trollsome docking tutorial that my son Geordi uploaded earlier this month (he's 2). Life is so busy I JUST noticed this security breach occurred. The video has been removed and I'm committed to future content.

-Chris Munoz
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