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Nat Sheppard

Discussion  - 
Nat Sheppard originally shared:
Farewell to weapons, the final movie in Short Piece by Katshuiro Otomo (the guy who made AKIRA)

A bunch of soldiers in powered armor scavenge a post collapse world for advanced weapons, and come into conflict with the T4 guardian robot protecting a cache of nuclear weapons,

In Japanese only but the dialogue is mostly just bro-banter, the story and twist at the end is purely visual.
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Nat Sheppard

Discussion  - 
These could also apply to Diaspora.
Nat Sheppard originally shared:
Some rules for modern firearms in FATE Core.
Some rules for modern firearms in FATE Core.
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I like these tweaks -- they look very elegant. 
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Nat Sheppard

Discussion  - 
When porting Diaspora to fate core, the hardest part seems to be the skill list. Idealy we'd have something longer and more detailed than Fate Core, but not nearly as long as Diaspora.

I think the best approach would be, if a comparable skill in Core exists, use that, and then try to reduce the unique sills by half. I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to introduce another mechanic to have specialties within skills, IE, your shoot skill is better for Slug throwers than energy weapons.

Any ideas?
Martin Page's profile photoJoshua Kronengold's profile photo
Yeah, the unfamiliar weapon thing seems better to handle with aspects and compels/tags, rather than extra skills.  Diaspora having the SOTC list plus a bunch of extra ship/weapon type versions of skills was probably the most awkward bit in the whole thing, and I don't think much of it is worth preserving, although using some amount of stunting for niche protection is a worthy idea, and tying it to "miliatary grade" can be a flavor note.
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Nat Sheppard

Discussion  - 
On low T worlds, starship crews might end up hiring themselves as consultants to local governments in exchange for the right to trade with that planet. Often helping build the very starport they end up using. In many cases crews make planetfall knowing that they will only be able to return until they've done a few favors for the local sky force. They won't have rocket fuel available until they've helped them figure out what's wrong with the plant that manufactures it.

What's the word for this kind of thing? I'm imaging it's considered to be ethically dubious. Not only because the crew members are wielding disproportional power, but also considering low T governments aren't known for their human rights records. Even something as innocent as selling satellite maps might have disastrous geo-political implications. And you can bet yourself that rocket fuel plant you need to get your IV back into orbit will be fueling ICBMs when you are gone.

The best term I can think of Is "Big fishing." With the implication that a T-1 planet is a small pond for the crew of a T2-3 starship. But I'm wondering if anybody has any other ideas.
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Avram Grumer

Discussion  - 
One of the PCs being a nuclear power seemed like a bigger deal before we got a couple of antimatter bombs. #Diaspora #Fate #RPG
John Reiher's profile photoNat Sheppard's profile photo
The computational devices are 1 liter spheres massing exactly 1kg. When activated by the right amount of neutron radiation, they produce a 20 megaton explosion with no fallout (the equivalent of a T3 pure fusion weapon, only slightly smaller) and, if you believe the archaeologists, contain the secrets of the universe embedded in the radiation pattern.

Unless you have T3 Neutron and Gamma ray observatories in the system, the output is indistinguishable from any nuclear device.
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I was thinking of a futuristic jet engine that works similar to a RAM Jet, except it uses <<Unknown Technological Development>> to magnetize air particles at the front of the engine then magnetic fields to push them out the exhaust creating thrust. This Magical Aero Electromagnetic Duct would work like a Ducted fan without the fan.

While this may not technically be possible [how does one magnetize air], if it was, what would be the consequences of something like this [besides the insane power requirements and horrendous weight] as an aircraft engine?  FOD would be a thing of the past maybe; less moving parts, and if fitted to a space vehicle, you could "Magnetize" any kind of Remass and send it into the engine...
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John Lusk

Discussion  - 
So, I've had this bee in my bonnet for a while: +Winchell Chung posts ship concept art, which is cool and all, but all these ships are fitting the more-or-less conventional sci fi meme of ocean-going/atmospheric craft in which gravity is perpendicular to the direction of travel. I guess nobody draws anything else. Seems to me that if we're doing less-magical thrust-reaction propulsion, the ships would look more like skyscrapers (or at least, tall buildings) with maybe gun emplacements and whatnot sitting out on these cantilevered platforms. (Or maybe not cantilevered. See Willis Tower.)

I can't draw (or I'm too lazy, or both), or I'd doodle something up, so instead, I'll just whine about it to people who might be sympathetic (or tell me why I'm wrong :) ).
Raymond McVay's profile photoDavid Perry's profile photoVerneice Warner's profile photo
You can always take a Plane-style design that you like, and simply mirror it, bilaterally or axially, into a skyscraper configuration.
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David Perry

Discussion  - 
We might have seen 360 tours of the ISS - but the great part of this one is the short videos about interesting bits and bobs, like storage racks swinging out, moving handrails, and the workbench, which I've never seen before.
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Michael Barry

Discussion  - 
I've been enjoying Diaspora more than I expected. The simplicity of the FATE engine, plus the efficient minigame mechanics specific to Diaspora itself, give me the feeling of many of the newer RPGs, such as Microscope. 

A couple of quibbles, however. I find that 10 Aspects, and the 5-pyramid of skills, make character generation excessively long for only marginal reward. A couple of sessions now I've gone with a 4-pyramid and only 5 Aspects (still created during chargen) and find things flow much more smoothly. 

Any opinions? Does anyone have insight into why so many 
Aspects and Skills were considered necessary? 
Erik Jordan's profile photoNat Sheppard's profile photo
I'd say diaspora justifies high powered PCs by saying they are the best in their fields out of the entire cluster. 
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Ben McKee

Discussion  - 
Thinking about using the cluster creation system to make single system with the "systems" as planets/stations etc.  The slip drive would be for interplanetary travel - reskinned as a torchdrive or some such.  Pondering a table that would adjust travel times for the slip drive (nav roll) based on orbital position.  
John Reiher's profile photo
Also, I used the Extended System Attributes system from someone I don't remember:

Star: -4 No star ... 0 G2 yellow (Sol) ... +4 Blue-white supergiant
Night sky: -4 Pitch black ... 0 Sol-like night sky ... +4 A billion stars
Gravity: -4 No gravity ... 0 1G ... +4 Crushing gravity
Atmosphere: -4Vacuum ... 0 Normal ... +4 Extreme (high pressure, toxic, corrosive)
Temperature: -4 Absolute zero ... 0 Optimum bio-zone ... +4 Steel melts
Biome: -4 Dead world ... 0 Varied ... +4 Booming Darwinian nightmare

Environment is the average of all the sub attributes.

Oppression: -4 Libertarian utopia ... 0 Rep democracy ... +4 Big brother police state
Cycles: -4 First gen colony … 0 A couple of cycles ... +4 Risen and fallen a thousand times
Economy: -4 Desperately depressed ... 0 Healthy ... +4 Booming crazily, eating up neighbors
Warfare: -4 Pacifists ... 0 Normal ... +4 Reactionary warmongers
Reason: -4 One giant cult ... 0 Diverse ... +4 Paralyzed by perfect skepticism
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Nat Sheppard

Discussion  - 
Nat Sheppard originally shared:
More religions for Diaspora.
Mechanimism Mechanimism is the belief that all things, including inanimate objects, are endowed with a spirit and a higher purpose. Literalist and figureist sects disagree on weather or not souls a...
Timothy Wooten's profile photoPierre Savoie's profile photo
I wrote an article on religion and, despite decades of Web-rot, it's still around.  I wrote it for the Star Frontiers RPG newsgroup of the time.  A revised version was published as "Cosmic Crusades" in Shadis issue #34.

My article featured "religious evolution" you could roll for.

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Martin Page

Discussion  - 
I've been tinkering with Diaspora firefights - I want them to narrate like proper ones. Laying down aspects etc. feels too clunky for what should be BAM! BAM! Ratatatatatatat! BOOM!

What I had in mind was something like this:

Modify hit roll by subtracting (enemy firepower*/people on your side)

*Taking the majority weapon type as standard. 


GM: OK the 6 bandits are shooting first - in this firefight, "Assault Weapon from cover" is the standard. Who's going to fire back?
PCS: (All 5 PCs fire back)
GM: OK that's 3 assault weapons, one side arm worth 0.5, one heavier weapon worth 2... 5.5 rounded up is 6, the bandits get a -1.

I know this diverges from FATE core, but what do you think? Worth pursuing?
Martin Page's profile photoLuke Miller's profile photo
it would help me to see formulas. Is this what we are talking about?

Attack roll: skill+harm
Defense roll: skill+armor-AP

Add net firepower(k-factor) to the attack side (or either side, really).

Or, are you saying to replace the Attacker's Harm with this net value?

I like the idea that you're calculating the k-factor from a baseline standard that might change between fights, but people already have Harm on their sheets and so maybe its worth just using that?

Working from a common baseline weakens stronger weapons.

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Nat Sheppard

Discussion  - 
Porting the gear creation rules to FATE Core.
Nat Sheppard originally shared:
A set of gear creation rules for FATE Core.
A set of gear creation rules for FATE Core.
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Winchell Chung

Discussion  - 
My website was one of the many resources the skillful authors of Diaspora used.
To help explain difficult concepts, I created an arrogant sarcastic character named RocketCat.
More recently, I decided to try and pull things together for science fiction authors. I created a sample science fiction universe that could be tinkered with (main link below).
+John Reiher was of the opinion that it might be useful in Diaspora . So I offer it in the hopes that somebody will find it useful.
Alright you delta-V jockeys! Just to get the rocket roaring I am going to give you a starter rocketpunk universe as a background for your science fiction novel or game/simulation. From this you will be able to tinker under the hood, re-wire things, swap out components, and build upon it until ...
John Reiher's profile photoWinchell Chung's profile photoJohn Lusk's profile photo
+John Reiher Perfect! A most graduated aspect.
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Marko Savić

Discussion  - 
Last night, with a friend who needs to practice his English, I started a campaign based on True Detective in science fiction environment. Most of the things in the game are still undetermined (including whether we'll be using Core or Accelerated), but we did collaborative setting creation, we have our protagonists and we have our victim.
The setting will be called the Refuge, because a refugee ship crash-landed on almost uninhabitable planet some centuries ago. The planet has a thin atmosphere at ground level, but the refugees eventually managed to start tunneling underground towns (they're called cities, but in reality these are towns) where they could live. Since they have created a mini civilization, where normal human activities, such as trade, police, government etc. were reestablished.

Initially twelve sentient robots were present aboard. Robots vary in shapes, sizes, hardware and processing power, but as long as they are sentient, they are awarded a full set of human rights, including the rights to vote, own property and procreate. In centuries since the fall, number of robots has changed somewhat from initial twelve, but not by much.

Most powerful and influential of robots is called Teletron. It is the central processing unit of the original ship.

Our protagonist is called Johnny Stark and his stats are below.

Johnny Stark, a murder detective
Ladies' man
Social drinker
Gun in a sleeve.

As my primary character, I'll be playing his robot partner, the first of the new generation of robots which are visually indistinguishable from humans.

Mileena Stone, his robot partner
"Should I make myself less beautiful?"
"Below this latex is military grade titanium"

Our victim is Richard Armstrong, wealthiest person in the city.

Richard Armstrong, trader in rare minerals
"His head is in the adjacent room and his genitals are missing"
"His safe is emptied and some art is missing"
His house is so expensive that it has a window (that is to outside, not other tunnels)

He is succeeded by a wife, three sons and a daughter, mother and mother-in-law. His oldest son is crying and his daughter is too young to be interviewed by the police.

Politically, two factions may be involved in his death. Moles believe people should dig deeper and appreciate more peace and prosperity the Refuge has brought, while Roosters want to start broadcasting distress calls and hope for the best.

What refugees were fleeing from is referred only as "Saracens", but who or what they are is still undetermined.

Anyway, I am confident I can pull this game off, but none the less I would appreciate suggestions. This applies especially to creating story aspects (and rule modifications if needed) that would drive the feeling that this is a True Detective game, not just plain vanilla police procedural.

Also, if I recall correctly, Diaspora is supposed to have a module for running a murder mystery without knowing beforehand who did it and why, so if anyone still recalls where I can download it, I'd be most grateful.
Marko Savić's profile photoBen McKee's profile photo
Hmm... I remember that floating around too note that you mention it. I might have a link saved.
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A long time ago in a galaxy far far from where our galaxy is right now... A planet suspiciously similar to earth is blown up by a galactic super weapon.

Given cosmic time scales is it conceivable that Alderan could eventually reform into a planet and eventually sustain carbon based life forms? And if so, in this same time scale could the Star Wars galaxy have moved sufficient distance to be cosmically located where our galaxy is currently?
Yunus Wesley's profile photoChristopher Moore's profile photo
+Morgrim Moon  you inspired me to find a map of the Star Wars galaxy. I proceeded to scrutinize it for close to an hour.
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Pierre Savoie

Discussion  - 
There has been a security breach at DriveThruRPGs for some customers who have used their credit-card for transactions in the past month.  If you are among those affected, you have been sent an e-mail.

Please find below a list of common questions about our security breach with their corresponding answers: Q: If I made purchases at DriveThruRPG prior to July...
Traveller Dan (Far Future Fate)'s profile photo
This kind of thing can happen to any online retailer. 
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Marko Savić

Discussion  - 
Would anyone run me a manga Diaspora game? I'm thinking about mixed human/robot/alien team in some sort of (probably near) futuristic technology setting. Something colorful and optimistic.

Fate Core is my first choice, but I am not too edition picky.

European friendly timezone required.

As for character, I was thinking she'd appear like young human adult, with not too long black hair and wearing a bright green dress.

The character be best introduced in following scene.

"You're a robot?!" he almost screamed as he felt her latex thigh under his fingers.
"I always felt it as an advantage." She leaned over so she could whisper to his ear. "Of course, if you don't want," she moved her dress to show just a hint of breast "...of course I'm not gonna force you to."
Nat Sheppard's profile photoMarko Savić's profile photo
+Pierre Savoie I am a Fate Core guy, so I was not planning on using any robot-specific rules. I'd handle it all using a few robot Aspects and Stunts.

For this character in particular (I named her last night, but by now I only recall Mileena first name) I was planning on using following aspects.

Flammable (Trouble Aspect)
"Below this latex there is military grade titanium skeleton"
Daddy spared no expense (making her)

Of course, if a prospective GM wants to use some robot rules, I'd be willing to try it out

+Nat Sheppard I can see her impervious of bullets and needing no oxygen, but most Fate Core guys I know would write it in as narrative consequences of her Aspects.

I can also see her fully upgradable to feature an incubator which can host a human embryo and tubes that can be used to feed formula, but I don't see her starting the game with any of these installed. She however does start the game with a lubricated, you know...

What is very important to me is that in her culture, while robots are both extremely rare and expensive to make, they are awarded full set of human rights and live freely among humans. (No aliens on her planet, but for the rest of the cluster there can be.) This is so much so that when she thinks of sexual partners she thins solely of (biological) human males.
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C. W. Marshall

Discussion  - 
I have discovered that Cook Islands currency makes ideal Diaspora FATE-chips!
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John Reiher

Discussion  - 
I've been thinking about possible campaign themes for Diaspora. So here's the elevator pitch for one:

Space Troupers!

Instead of ordinary merchants plying their wares, the ship, The Noble Bard of Avon, travels from world to world, putting on plays for the appreciation of the local yokels. 

Can you make money doing this? 

Sadly, no. But they try. They do carry cargo, but their main thrust is to put on plays and eventually leave behind the dreary realities of interstellar economics and become so famous, people will want to come see them!

But until then, it's spending a week on the mining moon Farnham's Hold, population 200, Yee Haw!, offloading a 8 metric tonnes of supplies, crating up their refined metals and goods, and putting on the Scottish Play, some Ibsen, and the occasional Gilbert and Sullivan musical, all adapted to the current times.

What do you think sirs?
Alan Barclay's profile photoLuke Miller's profile photo
I'm a little late to the party here, but speaking of Ibsen...

Norway runs a "Cultural Rucksack" program where they sponsor artists and performing arts troupes to tour the country for the benefit of school children.

They make sure that even the most remote villages, even if they only have a dozen inhabitants, get exposure to arts and culture.

Something similar could well fit into a Diaspora cluster.
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