I can't get my LCD for my 3d reprap to display. It's just a blank screen (though on) after I uploaded the firmware (via arduino) to my MKS Gen v1.4 board. The wires appear oriented correctly, the firmware appeared to be uploading. The LCD is 12864, but no characters show.

How do you connect the lcd Smart adapter to a RAMBo board? I purchased it from a Chinese manufacturer, but it appears pretty much the same.

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Today we tried to make the turtle effect. Base part printed in PLA RENEGADE, first dark line applicatio with ebony impregnation, at the end bath in impregnated wood paint.

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Yesterday I decided to improve my old RepRapPro Mendel, and I found a clever way to easily block a digital calliper on all the three axes, and then I started to carefully calibrate the axes steps.
Now I am printing the first objects after years of dust. They look very nice.
Then I think I will try to recalibrate the objects fitting capabilities.

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How do you avoid the slicer running your gears together like this?

Was using Slic3r in this case.

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3D Printed Parts Aluminium hydroblasted
1th Black Part in PBT
2th White Part in PLA
3th Black Shock absorber in Rubber


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Started 3D Printing test with Polyamide Filament on cold bed printed.
High value of using temeprature.
Temperature of deflection under load 1.80 MPa °C ISO 75-1,-2 105°C
Vicat softening temperature 50 N; 120 °C/h °C ISO 306 125°C

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ABS in 3D Printing, without warping and without Delamination.
3D Printing 100% Without compromising

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