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Getting Hope-Full!

The reason why the road to destruction is wide and so many people are on it is that this road is based on what you can see! The hope and evidence of God on this road is purely sight based!

“When Herod saw Jesus, he was greatly pleased, because for a long time he had been wanting to see him. From what he had heard about him, he hoped to see him perform a sign of some sort.” – Luke 23:8

One of the primary differences between a legalist and a GraceFull Being is that one is based on sight and the other is based on Faith!

Legalist will always want to see your ability; the GraceFull will always welcome your inability!

This is one reason why people were crazy in like and indeed in love with the message of Jesus Christ when He walked on the earth – for the first time they heard that God actually liked them, just as they are and not as they should be!

We were not saved because of our ability – it is our inability that brought us to The Hope that we grow in By Grace (Free Gift) through Faith (non-sight)!

We grow in Hope by resting in what is and knowing that He has everything in control and Loves us more than we can imagine – with this realization each moment IS perfect – Yes even those where we screw up!

Why? Because He is able at any moment to stop a situation or to allow our thoughts to understand something that would cause us to stop an action so whatever happens He is using it to get us where He needs us!

The more we see God’s Bigness, Ability and Love for us – the greater our rest right Here and Now just as life is and not as life should be, we should be or others should be! Growing Hope that last means Growing Hope in what you can’t see!

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We all come to God as cripples, gimps and broken clay pots but most don't see that and as a result they don't see the size of God!

We have reduced salvation to a walk down an aisle and a "prayer" that comes from a piece of paper but rarely from a heart that sees His Completeness as found By Grace Through Faith Alone. As a result Christianity the religion has replaced the Totality of His Gift and His Love has become something only "good boys and girls" can experience through veiled emotionalism that is just another form of a soul slavery.

If you look at who Jesus healed and how He healed and why they were healed, it ALL revolved around Faith! Faith is Trusting that God Did In Fact Do what He said He Did, through Christ on the cross - and that in No way has anything to do with our actions but Everything to do with our brokenness!

The law Is our reminder of sin which is what breaks us. The law is Not now, ever was, or ever will be an evaluative tool for righteousness. The law is Good If used properly - properly used the law will help you to see how much of a cripple, gimp and broken pot you are!

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The Freedom Christ gives wasn't cheap to Him - but it's Free to us because Gods Love is All that and more!

Sin separated (Past tense) us from God And the power of sin Is the law. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse Himself! All this was done because while you were (Past tense) an enemy of the cross Christ died A brutal and horrendous death so that you could no longer sin against God!

In this life and journey of Grace is there still sin? Yes and no depending on your definition. You cannot break a law that you are no longer under - if your heart does not condemn you, you are not condemned and where there is no law neither is there Any condemnation!

Am I still growing? Yes Absolutely - I grow as i at times "sin" against my brother by not being Loving and bearing his burden or by placing myself back under law they are under so they won't stumble, But "sin" that would separate me from God went out on the cross!

What I am talking about is Grace! Grace is one of the primary points in which a person grows after accepting Christ. Other points of growth are in Faith, or Resting in what And more importantly Who is unseen And the knowledge of His Perfect Love for you! Another growth point is Patience, waiting on Him and knowing Here and Now is Perfect because He made it that way!
Basically once a person believes and knows where they stand with the law, Grace and God because of Christ Alone, they grow in the Fruits Of the Spirit - Not from their effort but from The Journey of Grace!

If you missed it and would like to see this laid out in scriptural references try the 777 Challenge! You can start with day 1 if you like at this link:

Take the whole 7 Day 7 Questions 7 Answers Challenge over 7 days or over a few hours if you like - the time doesn't matter near as much as an open spirit and mind to be willing to search and understand the Amazing Love and Grace of God Almighty Who Longs and Yearns to Be your Best Friend Forever!

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The law is comfortable! Its very comfortable to go along with the crowd and remember - most people will never accuse you of being crazy - Unlike the Grace-Full path!

If you follow Grace being considered crazy is par for the course - but you are in Great company!

Take a look at the insanity of Christ and head to the deep end of the Ocean in this short devotional: 

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Two mothers mentioned in this passage - one makes slaves the other Freed men and women!

Which one is yours?

Take a look at this short devotional and find out:

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I constantly see and hear of Christians who face depression and they are discouraged - Could this have anything to do with the way they follow God?

God offers you a Life beyond your wildest dreams - If lived in the newness that He creates the second you accept Him! Sadly many stay stuck and in this short devotional we look at the why and how - take a look!

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Most if not all Christian difficulties and misery come from NOT understanding and believing fully in this one simple concept as to how Jesus changed things and God set things up!

The greatest trick of the devil is to convince you that this one word concept of the only way to have a relationship with God is just not enough for you!

Care to see question #5 in the "God who?" series? Care to see the fullness of what Jesus did and the ONLY way to relate to God?

Take a look at this short devotional:

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God's Eternal and unconditional Love Or a cheap knock off?

This is the real question that plagues mankind.

Take a look at just what His real Love looks like as well as the knock offs in this short devotional!
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