Significant increase in funds/resources: Education. Infrastructure. Management/Redefinition of Land/Resources.

...Various Ideas: Packaging of federally supported state models/modules, ie policy/laws, for implementation at various levels, etc.
Shift in vote procedure so that actual bills/regulations receive a healthy pre-vote forum and thus individual candidates are judged more for their contribution to governmental procedure/reform than for the individual decisions they make regarding the intersection of public and private interests.
The absolute divorce and regulation of private economic bodies, lobbying/lobbyists, business/corporate interests and their actual physical restriction from public/government spaces/workings.
A standardization of global/foreign policy that would focus on engaging the military in a role as transportation/regulation/support of domestic persons/goods and less on the armed global presence.
A streamlined, highly mobile force to act as guides/Intel-distribution abroad and at home, the maintenance and construction of border and resource management; with an immediate focus on eco-friendly energy infrastructure.
The implementation of regulations that can limit various aspects of a taxpayer's environmental impact, that includes a predefined group of "family", ie. Parents, offspring, extended family, etc. ??? Just to address the issues of limited national territory/resources and the exponential growth and destruction of our habitat.

Managed breathing/period of silent meditation/exercise coupled with physical exercise, that somehow includes interaction with local community.
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