god bless evert one at first bapstist church Danville ky  my the lord keep you and find favor in your forgivence and help me to do the same because that is what I need forgiving others that hurt me the same way you have for given me for all the hurtfull things I have done tammy said you thought I was the worest mother I left because I fear loosing my children I now know I set in amotion I can never change and ie doesn't help with tammy martin and her dad paul wheeler judge me every day for the rest of my life just because I have learn the truth of my sister and the father of my kids I did forgive them both yet I cant seem to get pass my sister not letting me say giidbye to my mother I was good to her I taught her how to right her name I clean hjer wound on her back every day befor and after school and I was in the 3 rd grade my sisters and my brother would not touch it so it can heal but it was left to me I even for given my mother for all her sin I know as a mother you will make mistake god knows I made a lot but I was her daughter to we even share the same milden name ruth horttor I am billie ruth horttor and my mother was jackquline ruth horttor you see I think she really did love me yes she never knew god because of the lies susan told her and her couusin paul  and his dautgher about and they were lies if she wasn't lieing to you would you have heard from me now you should see some of the bad things tammy martin and paul wheeler has said about me they only belive what susan has said to them they have never heard my side of the story because they are my judge and jury just like susan is to me she a coward standing on the word of god but not practice what god says and their light real go out when my savior lets my light shine and proves to the would I am a child of my lord but I do need your pray if you have in your heart to  forgive me, pray so I can forgive them please I struggle with this the most because my own sister lie to my mother so when she died she died with haterd for me not the love of Christ how does one over come that please I am begging you I need your prayer I always have 
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