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Last Name : Walker

First Name : Jonathan

Age : 14

Strengths: Fire (His suit is Fire proofed and can with stand intense amounts of fire)

Weakness: Water.

Likes : Marinette, His miraculous , cheesecake.

Dislikes : Chole, Hawk Moth.

Alias: Burning Dragon

Side: Hero / Villain

Miraculous Item: (Hero) Dragon Necklace.

Kwami: Inferno The Dragon

Powers/Weapons: Drago Fencing Sword.

Personality: Cheerful , Serious, Curious, Chill.

Bio: Jon (short for Jonathan) recently moved to Paris as his parents didn't want him. He lives with his Step-dad and Step-mom. While At the shop one day, he found the Dragon Necklace and bought it. Later on he discovered the Kwami inside it. He thought life was going good until he was told it was time to school ....
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Name: Alex Kashima

Alias: Stitches

Age: 15

Side: Hero

Miraculous Item: grey Clip (on her dress and sweater by her neck)

Kwami: Vodoo (is her name)

Powers/Weapons: has large needle and a thread lasso. Extra/special power is "hypnotize".

Personality: Shy quiet and creative as a normal girl but as Stitches, she is sarcastic, confident, weird, mysterious

Other: she is blind

Bio: Alex was born blind and never was able to see any color. She still continued on with her life but got bullied in the process. She then reached (middle school or high school, I don't remember which one they are in XD) she noticed an old man dropped his cane. She helped him with his cane and walked him across the street. He gave a "thank you" and left. That's the day she got her miraculous. After school she found it in her bag. And find out she was a hero. Then blah blah blah she saves the world now.
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May I get the template??

Can some one post me a templete

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Her name is.... MARICHAT!!!!

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Name: "Rosie's the name"
Alias: (if applicable) "katrina noir, but i got akumatized once and my name was... katrina blanc"
Age: since it is high school things... "15"
Side: (Hero, Villain, or Random Civilian) "hero, one time a villian"
Akumitized Item: (Villain Only) when katrina blanc "my miraculous"
Miraculous Item: (Hero or Villain) "a bracelet"
Kwami: (Hero or Villain) "like plagg, but white with brown and orange spots, aka kat"
Powers/Weapons: katrina blanc "black badluck" katrina noir "cataclysm, like chat noir, and lucky charm, like ladybug"
Personality: she works alone despise the fact that when she turns into katrina blanc, another hero comes in to save the day
Other: "nope, go ahead"
Bio: she was born sick and stayed indoors most of her life before she turned 15. When she turned 15, she escaped and ran to the high school nearby and ran into the master and helped him up, then after school her dad picked her up and her mom spoke with her, the rest is unknown
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