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If you could choose any of these three streamings, regardless of what you have chosen when you enroled..

Based on your past years of experience, what would you choose?
(We don't have events/ entertainment, but if we did....)

Please add in the Comment box WHY you are passionate about the topic and WHO was an influencer (lecturer/ parent/ someone you met) in making your decision or even changing your mind?

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Public Relations
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Media Business and Entrepreneurship Mid-Project.

Hi everyone!! My name is Jessica Agriani, and this is the application that my group and I develop for Media Business and Entrepreneurship class.

We decided to create an application that allows people to find the nearest translator. The translator is a fellow user that will help individuals who are in need for translation service. The user who needs to use a translator could type in whatever it is that they want to ask and once the interpreter response, the user can either call, chat, or even meeting them face to face if the translator is in the same area as them.

Through this application, we are not only trying to diminish language barriers but also encourage socialization among people.

Name: Jessica Agriani-1801433421
Subject: Media Business and Entrepreneurship
Application: Translate Vicinity

Group Members: Jessica Agriani, Floransie Ceshilia, Fabiyya Edrus, Fika Bahroeny, Rima Oktaviany

+Christine Gneuss +Dony Yuliardi

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Hi there! My friends and I are currently making this business plan on an app called as Trip It!

Trip It! is basically a media app that compiles all of the museum and attraction sites in Jakarta, easing the convenience for both local and foreign travelers to search up information in the tip of their finger. Think of Zomato, but it's all filled with Jakarta's tourist sites, and of course, completed with other great features like:

- Route details
- How to get there
- Hotels nearby
- Attractions nearby
- Calculation of total fee
- Customize your own itinerary

I pitched this idea and asked two of my friends to give me their feedback on the app. Sesa is a traveler who has went to Kepulauan Seram, Singapore, Japan, Lombok, Bali, and Sumba in a span of (only) one year. And Kezia owns a side business on crafting flower arrangement; do check her work at @allonge_id!

Comment below should you have any thoughts wandering in your head! Constructive criticism is highly welcome :-)

Communication 2018
Media Business and Entrepreneurship
Even Semester 2017/2018
Binus International University

Group: Audry Adwiana, Andintia Wijayanti, Deryza Soewongso, Trisha Narendragarini, Johana Padma

+Christine Gneuss +Dony Yuliardi

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I want to introduce you to me and my team's business concept that we think will benefit a lot of people. Travelism App is an travel application that will operate on iOs and Android that will have few features that will improve the communication and your travel experience better!

This application is targeted to tourist, millennials and gadget savvy that will most likely be familiar with the click-based reservation application!.

Our project members
- Intan Permata Ayu
- Kusuma Tari
- Nabilah Thifal
- Sahisnu Amarendra
- Shakina

+Christine Gneuss +Dony Yuliardi

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Hello everyone! We're back again with me, Raihani. My group and I are currently working on a business application called NONGZ App!

NONGZ App is a free and user-friendly application which informs events around JABODETABEK and allows you, the "Nongers" to purchase the ticket of the event through our application. We also offer a profile for you to post your thoughts on your timeline for reviews and many more.

Our target market is ranging from 15 to 30 years old for both male and female. Our target market criteria are teenagers and young adults who love entertainment, music and leisure. To know more about the application, please do watch the video below!

To improve our app, I pitched this idea to two of my friends and asked them to give me inputs for our app. The first person I asked is Daniel Marcell. He is an IT alumni from BINUS International as well as the founder of Dancedimana Application. The second person I asked is RR. Rizqi Cahyamuthya. She is a CS alumni from BINUS University Batch 2015 and she used to worked at PT eBdesk Teknologi.

Raihani Safira Wardani
Communication 2018
Media Business and Entrepreneurship
Binus International University

Group members: Raihani Safira Wardani, Raihana Safira Wardani, Margareta Febry Selawa, Logan Cayton, and Gianina Kamaratih

If you guys have more inputs for our app, please do comment on the comment section! Thank you~~

+Dony Yuliardi
+Christine Gneuss

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Hello lovely people! It's Raihana and I am back with another fun post! Currently, My group and I are working on a business application app called NONGZ App!

NONGZ App is a free and user-friendly application offering information on events happening all around JABODETABEK and this app allows you, the "Nongers" to purchase the ticket of the event. We also provide an account profile just for you to post freely share your thoughts on your timeline for photo sharing, reviews, experiences and many more.

Our target market ranges from 15 to 30 years old for both male and female. Our target market criteria are teenagers and young adults who love entertainment, music, leisure and travellers as well as active people. To know more about the application, please do watch the video below!

To improve our app, I pitched this business plan to two of my friends who are familiar with how IT development works and I asked them to give me feedback for our app. The first person I talked to is Edward Leonardi. He is a Computer Science student (8th semester) from BINUS International University and he is currently working as website developer for Travelicious.The second person I talked to is Jeremy Nathaniel Sie. He is also a Computer Science student from BINUS International University and he has been working on developing app.

Raihana Safira Wardani
Communication 2018
Media Business and Entrepreneurship
Binus International University

Group members: Raihana Safira Wardani, Raihani Safira Wardani, Margareta Febry Selawa, Logan Cayton, and Gianina Kamaratih

If you guys have more inputs for our app, please do comment on the comment section! Thank you

+Dony Yuliardi +Christine Gneuss

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Olivia Marzuki, From Shy Little Girl To Expert Communicator!
By: Raihana Safira Wardani & Raihani Safira Wardani

Started working in the industry of broadcasting since 2008, the beautiful news anchor, +Olivia Marzuki is currently working for CNN Indonesia. Ms. Marzuki graduated from International Pacific College in New Zealand back in 2004, majoring in International Studies. Not only that she had a wide range of experience as a TV presenter, she is also an expert in public speaking. Being an expert in speaking, she also works as MC for various events off air and deliver lectures. Apart from being active in the broadcasting industry and expert in public speaking, she is also an entrepreneur. She believes that she could not work as news anchor forever. Thus, she started building her business empire now. Her business revolves around her interests, she named her business OMG (Olivia Marzuki Grooming) Learning Center. She grooms people to become great communicators. Olivia wants to transform people to become OMG and impressive. Moreover, she owns a beauty home spa, which delivers spa services to your door.

20 years ago, she was not a media personality and a speaking expert. Olivia was a very shy girl and a bookworm with glasses. Her parents kept her busy with academic activities such as, language classes, mathematics classes, piano lessons and swimming lessons. She found difficulties in talking to other people especially boys. She was far from being good in public speaking. During her childhood, Ms. Marzuki lost her father to cancer. Her father has always been a friendly person. However, he was very quiet about his health. No one in her family realized her father had cancer until three months before his death. When her father passed away, Olivia was admitted right next to her father’s room for her personal injuries through an accident. She fell down from second floor and landed on her head, which caused her being in a state of minor comma with mild concussion. She was hospitalized for over a week and it was at the same time when her father passed away. Her mother did not have the heart to break down the news to her. She wanted to avoid adding more shock on top of Olivia’s head injury. For a month, Olivia did not realize that her father has passed on. She was the last the person to know in the family. Traumatized by the truth, Olivia experienced a mild speech impediment as a teen where she stuttered when she talks.

Then in 1998, she got a scholarship in BINUS International High School. She was exposed to international education with foreign teachers and friends. She had the best times of her life, which healed her rough teenage years. She continued her undergraduate study by receiving a scholarship to International Pacific College in New Zealand and explored her talents along with meeting new people. After her graduation, she did not want to leave New Zealand. So, she continued her work in an Internet café. However, she could no longer stay in New Zealand since she did not have a work visa. After being convinced by her mother, Olivia decided to fly back to Indonesia. Coming back to Indonesia becomes a blessing for her where she encounters various opportunities.

Olivia started working as a banker in Bank Danamon in 2004. Then in 2005, she became a marketing communication officer for Sampoerna Foundation where she gave scholarships to other people. Afterwards, she became the Senior Trade Officer for Queensland Government and Investment Office. Unfortunately, her office got shut down due to Kuningan bombing. Ms. Marzuki was dismissed and she lost her job. Devastated by the news, she realized that when one door closes, another door will open. A producer from TVRI contacted her for an audition for a presenter. She then convinced herself to try a TV career. Her TV career started from TVRI, Metro TV, Berita Satu, Bloomberg TV to CNN Indonesia.

As she had experiences working as news anchor for several TV stations, she deals with TV newsroom management in daily basis. The environment of TV newsroom management differs from one TV station to another. Bloomberg TV focuses on market news, investment, and economic news. Thus, everything is based and translated into business language journalism. On the other hand, CNN focuses more on mainstream news where they talk about everything such as, social economics, sport and weather. Being exposed to different working and newsroom environments has expanded her knowledge and experiences as a media personality. She became more flexible as a news anchor in which she can handle different kinds of news to report. One of her main advices is to connect with your colleagues. When she first started working in Bloomberg, she had very little knowledge on investment. So, she asked a gazillion questions to her colleagues to expand her knowledge. By communicating with the people around you, it will help you to improve. Moreover, adapting to different situations of newsroom environment helps you to improve in understanding the different newsroom managements.

As a human being, she surely had made mistakes in the past as a news anchor. One of the most embarrassing experiences as a news anchor for Olivia is when she could not help but to uncontrollably burst into laughter. During her time in Bloomberg, the newsroom was surrounded by people from the office. It was not an isolated studio. She had the office as her background to report her live news. Suddenly, her show director fell off his chair. Then, everyone in the room started laughing, but she was on-air so she supposedly was not allowed to laugh. However, she could not help it, and then she started laughing. Quickly, the producer decided to cut the session to commercial break. Sometimes in the newsroom, uncontrollable situations happen. It is necessary to prepare yourself for these situations. Essentially, teamwork is the key to handle these situations or any kinds of crisis. Being in a newsroom needs a solid teamwork. Olivia mentioned although she is the one on-screen, she needs help from the team behind the screen (show manager, writer, make up artist and etc.). The team in a newsroom usually consists of at least 10 people for one program. Therefore, you need to have a good relationship with everyone in your team.

In term of choosing the right news to report in TV stations, it is all up to the news judgment. Every executive producer has the ultimate decision to decide whether one story is worthy to be on air or not. News judgment is something you build over time. It cannot be understood over night. Based on her experience, CNN believes in accuracy as their main goal, instead of speed. Thus, the news they published may not be the fastest but surely would be the most accurate. Since CNN Indonesia is a franchise, they got their newsfeeds from both international and local. Locally, CNN is a part of a bigger corporation known as TRANS Media Corp. Internationally, they are a part of CNN International. Hence, they have a lot of contributors of news from various sources. As a journalist, she expressed that money should never be your ultimate goal. The experiences you have as a journalist is priceless and cannot be bought with all the money in the world. Journalism for life!

+Andari Karina Anom +Christine Gneuss
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BINUS International has ran a monthly seminar called #PlayTalk, inviting various speakers from various backgrounds to speak on a topic that’s so uniquely theirs. March’s #PlayTalk was all about living your life and finding where you are in life. We were able to meet with someone very special on that day, scoring ourselves an interview with Miss Olivia Marzuki who is a news anchor for CNN Indonesia. As we were learning about the newsroom and how things are managed behind the scenes, it was a perfect opportunity for us to compare the things we have learnt in class to how things truly happen in real life.

Miss Olivia Marzuki is a news anchor at CNN Indonesia, regularly reporting on news happening all over Indonesia to the public. During the #PlayTalk session, she talked to us about her story of how she grew up as well as how she decided to become a news anchor. According to her story, Miss Olivia was a child who grew up with a single mother. Her father had passed away when she was a child and her mother had supported her from ever since. Miss Olivia got teary as she talked over her father’s passing during her speech, finding it more than difficult to speak even though it has happened more than a decade ago.

As a child, Miss Olivia had difficulty with what she called to be “behaving as a proper woman”. She wasn’t feminine in the least, dressing herself in pants instead of skirts and dresses while never learning how to use make-up. Showing a picture of her graduation, she showed the difference between her clearly very ladylike mother to her very tomboyish her. In addition to her “tomboyishness”, she also called herself a difficult communicator. Speaking in front of people was scary and she could barely do it when she had to do presentations for school projects. It was an amazing transformation to see how she had grown from such a shy little girl to the person who commanded the presence of the entire auditorium on her person.

After her talk was over, we had a chance to sit down and ask her several questions on the topic of the newsroom and what happens behind the news that she talks on camera. She explained to us the process of how the newsroom manages a news and decides which news gets the priority of being aired first as headlines or as any form of additional extra news for the public. We also got the chance to ask on how to trust news medias as there is a heavy amount of hoax and bias all over Indonesia.

Our first question was to ask how the newsroom functions. She explained that the newsroom functions as the place where all the news gets put together and sorted by all the people in the team. The team itself also consisted of many different people with so many different jobs. The newsroom is divided into two “division” of its own. One to manage the news with a team including the producer, an executive producer, two associate producers, a graphic designer, and an assistant. The other team works in the control room, consisting of a production director, a floor director, two cameramen, and an audio & sound member. She explains that a single broadcast means that she will work with these teams to make a single broadcast that’s seen on TV. There will never be a time where she will work without a team. Teamwork was the most important thing behind the screens because there would be no broadcast without the team.

We also asked about the reliability of news and how that worked in the industry. She answered that there is always a conflict with being fast and accurate as news is fast-paced and the situation changes with each second. Being the first to release a piece of news doesn’t make that news source to be the most accurate. It is good to be the first as that means they get the most public attention, but sometimes it is best to simply be the most accurate but not the first outlet to publicize the piece of news. With TV broadcasts, visual is put as an important factor as TV broadcasters need more than just to say the news compared to written or audio-based news outlets.

In addition to this, she also mentioned how important it is for news to contain the 5w’s and 1h for it to be considered a fruitful piece of news. Any news that covered the six points is considered a worthwhile piece of news that everybody should tune in to regardless of the time it is broadcasted or published. She also mentions how important it is for a news anchor to also have a personality. She has had multiple instances where she has had to question her producer on a piece of news that was questionable in accuracy. It is important for a news anchor to broadcast the most accurate news available, meaning that they must always be aware of the news that they are reading on air.

We also asked an additional question about making mistakes live on air, that it always happens to everybody even on their best days and how she was handling it considering that she has had a long career in the industry. She answered that any reversible mistake is mentioned in her earpiece where she can immediately fix herself in the broadcast. Any irreversible mistake such as death tolls will be in an updated form of the broadcast, making sure that the information has been updated as the situation continues to update itself with each passing second.

Talking with Miss Olivia was so much fun that we had lost track of time during the interview. She had so much information to teach to us students and we found it to be very fruitful to hear the words she had to say. It was also inspiring to see how much someone with no social skills and so much anxiety can grow up to be such an independent and strong woman.

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Behind a Newsroom: Interview Session with +Olivia Marzuki​, CNN Indonesia’s News Anchor

On 7th of March, there was an event called #PlayTalk. #PlayTalk event is just the same as the #TechMediaTalk and #PlayMediaTalk. However, they re-make the name so it doesn’t really stick to the original name. It was the first ever #PlayTalk in 2017. The topic, which was Finding your Voice: Unique way to Communicate invites 3 speakers which were driven by the different background. The speakers are +natasha mannuela​; Miss Indonesia 2016 winner – +Olivia Marzuki​; CNN Indonesia news anchor – and +Phieter Angdika​; deaf community representative. This writing will be focused on +Olivia Marzuki​ and what are the things that happened behind a newsroom.

+Olivia Marzuki​ was known as one of CNN Indonesia’s new anchor which is airing every night at 9 pm in the program World Now and 11 pm in the program CNN Indonesia Tonight. Alongside being a news anchor, she is also teaching for broadcasting class in her own broadcasting academy (OMG – Olivia Marzuki Grooming Learning Center), be a public speaker in an educative event such as seminar and/or media training as well as running her business in the beauty field.

To be a news anchor is actually +Olivia Marzuki​'s hidden dream. It was all started when she entered Junior High School, in which she often watches English news broadcast on SCTV and at that time, there was a news anchor named Brigitta Priscilla, which for her it looks cool. Starting at that time, she wants to be like her and for her, she is a role model in which her success in the broadcasting industry should be followed. When she entered her High School in BINUS High School, she did not expected that her English teacher was Brigitta Priscilla – in which the person that she admires when she was Junior High School. Her mentor was Brigitta Priscilla itself and starting from that time, she was inspired by Brigitta Priscilla in which she does not take any journalism or broadcasting course, but she becomes an English teacher, and she was the coolest news anchor at that time.

Ms. +Olivia Marzuki​ has been through many different jobs that describe her as a person, in which most of the jobs involve in television. Ms. +Olivia Marzuki​ was the customer relationship officer of Bank Danamon in Indonesia for 5 months (January 2005 – February 2005). She learnt many things especially connecting to the customer of the bank. After spending 5 months working at Bank Danamon Indonesia for 5 months, she decided to move to another company, which is Sampoerna Foundation for 10 months (May 2005 – February 2006). Her position in Sampoerna Foundation was marketing communications, which means dealing with PR and marketing strategies, advertising, managing the budget of the marketing, creating press releases and many more.

Then she decided to experience something and somewhere different, which was working in Queensland at the Queensland Government Trade and Investment Office for 2 years and 11 months (February 2006 – December 2008) with the position of facilitating trade and investment.  After living in Queensland and working at the Queensland Government Trade and Investment for 2 years and 11 months, she decided to go back to her homeland, Indonesia. She got interested in working in television industry so she applied for a job in TVRI, which is the first television company in Indonesia. Her position in TVRI was a presenter, so she got to present the most current news that happened back in the day for 7 months (July 2008 – January 2009). During her position as a presenter in TVRI, she also worked at Metro TV as a weather forecaster to forecast weather in Indonesia for 10 months (August 2008 – May 2009).

After working at two different television companies, she wanted to try something new. She moved to Jakarta Highland Gathering and worked there as a communications manager for 3 years (2009 – 2012). During her work as an event and communications management in Jakarta Highland Gathering, she also participated in Superbrands as marketing communications manager for 2 years and 9 months (October 2009 – June 2012). She got to deal with different types of clients, building media relations and hosting events for Superbrands.

Working in Superbrands made her realize that her real passion is in television companies, which motivated her to be news anchor until present. She moved to Bloomberg Media Indonesia as the news anchor for 2 years and 6 months (March 2013 – August 2015). Besides working at Bloomberg, Ms. Olivia is also the news anchor of CNN Indonesia in February 2016 until present. She hosts both Bloomberg TV Indonesia and CNN Indonesia’s daily news shows and is very passionate about her position as the news anchor of huge Indonesian television companies. Since she is interested in developing her career, Ms. Olivia also creates her own spa business called “Amara Home Spa Jakarta”, which is a home spa service that allows customers to do an at-home-spa.

As one of the news anchor which comes from the famous news broadcast, it is important for +Olivia Marzuki​ to keep her image good. Since she’s also still learning to be a good news anchor, she needs to prepare herself ahead of time. For example, she holds the program at 6:00 pm, she came at 12 pm in the afternoon in order to know and pay attention to every detail to what is going on. Even for an anchor in which his/her rank is already senior before the show starts he/she required to prepare for at least 2 hours before the show to learn and study about the rundown. Furthermore, he/she also required reading the script and that script need to be rehearsed word per word. Not just to read it in hurry and using voice to practice the pronunciations so that he/she won’t talk wrongly, she also knows how to read the punctuation mark as well. If there’s dialog session with the reporter and/or speaker, the anchor should explore and learn the material before. So, as an anchor, we should know the background information, not just to know and read only.

Regarding the explanation of the newsroom, problem can as well occur behind a perfect news program. For Ms. +Olivia Marzuki​, when crisis happens, the only key to handle it was to maintain as a team. Because being in a newsroom involves strong and solid teamwork. “Because as an anchor, even though I’m the first person that occurs on the screen, I still need a lot of back up from people behind the screen.” Ms. +Olivia Marzuki​ said. Sometimes the problem occurred often when she supposed to get live report from a reporter whose reporting live directly from a particular place and something could just happened wrong such as the phone connection. Because of this accident, what she did was to apology by saying “mohon maaf ada sedikit kendala teknis, kita akan coba mengubungi kembali reporter di lapangan sesaat lagi.” These such things could happen anytime, that is why we need to improvise. In the meantime, the producer who is seeing from the control room could understand and know the accident so Ms. Olivia Marzuki just continues to the next material -- since their team has prepared several backup plans during the preparation.

Ms. +Olivia Marzuki​ also explained that there is this term called “news judgement” where every executive producer has the role of deciding which story to be aired and which one is not newsworthy. As someone who works at the news program, it is necessary to understand and have the knowledge of which story will attract the audience. After knowing which story to be aired, people realize that some media delivers fake news or “hoax” to the audience. Ms. Olivia explained that CNN does not always put breaking news exactly after it happens, but they always try to maintain accuracy. Many media, in which Ms. Olivia gave as an example was, they put out the news in seconds (exactly after it happens) but sometimes they miss their accuracy, so it can be considered as hoax. On the other hand, CNN prioritizes accuracy rather than its time of delivering the news because if the media is accurate, more people will think the media is credible and trustworthy. CNN Indonesia also receives its news feed and news from both local and international source. Since CNN Indonesia is a part of big corporation called Trans Media Corp (Trans TV, Trans 7 and so before presenting the news to the audience, CNN Indonesia relies on for its news feed and CNN’s International news are obtained from CNN International. Ms. Olivia also mentioned that her role as a news anchor is basically similar to being an actress because she needs to be able to act and do things visually, with her hair done by professional hair stylist, makeup and also wearing the wardrobe of a professional presenter. Ms. Olivia explained that being a news anchor needs to have the skill of presenting well in order to deliver the news to the audience, whether it is the way a presenter speaks, body language, vocalization, expression and attitude. For instance, if a news anchor has to deliver a happy news, they need to put on a happy face in front of the camera, whereas sad news needs news anchors to express sadness and concern when delivering a news. Being a news anchor is not an easy job because people need to be able to be confident with themselves and have the ability to communicate well, which will attract audience to concentrate and believe the media.

Since Ms. Olivia has been working as a news anchor for years, there have been a few challenges that she faced as a presenter in the news program. The first challenge is having to deliver the news as accurate as possible, making sure she does not make any mistakes when presenting in front of a camera so audience will not interpret the news anchor or the media negatively. The second challenge is to understand the news that the news anchor is going to present so they need to arrive at work 3 hours before show to prepare and  memorize the script of the news and rehearse to present the news. The third challenge is the ability to solve an issue that could happen during presenting such as making mistakes of people’s name, location, and many more. However, with all the challenges that a news anchor has to face at work, Ms. Olivia said she enjoys being a news anchor at CNN Indonesia because she gets to work with exciting people in the industry, learn something new everyday and it is also a big achievement in her life.

Newsroom Management
+Andari Karina Anom+PikachuWithAPocky YT
+Fika Bahroeny​ & +Intan Permata Ayu
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