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How to finish this? 20 cah too expensive T_T

Id: elliseaasmanth

Please I need friends, thanks!!!!

Line ID: M3lkat

Hi all (*>_<*)ノ add me too pls! (got two coffee) 🆔 of main:
And baby coffee 🆔:

Thank you 🤗💞💞💞

ไอดีไลน์ Soda_zz แอดกันมาเยอะๆๆนะค่ะ

Hi, add me if you want a regular player ^^

ID: Phammyy__ (there are 2 underscores)

Please add me, need some friends to share my coffee with 😁
Im a daily player

ID: dolledizy

ID : khawpunph

Plz add me " sakujung_mitsuha "
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