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Add me please id >>> mew0621
I play every day

Need active player... add me : marton_himura

Hello, here are some street charms for Emily in the Game Festival event. She can show up at all of your cafes.

Good+Emily's response
-There sure are a lot of people out today.
(That's right! It's LINE Games' 6th anniversary!)
-Hey Emily! What's the hurry?
(Come with me and you'll find out, boss!)
-And everyone seems to be in a really good mood!
(That's why there are so many people; they're all here to celebrate!)
-Something going on today?
(It's LINE Games' 6th anniversary celebration!)

-Emily, mind if I stop by the cafe today?
-Looking great as always!
-It's been a while! How about a coffee?
-Today marks the 5th... no, 6th anniversary, right?

Hi.. I wanna ask you guys.. Why now when I don't play Line Coffee my Gold money doesn't increase?

Add my line : angelaaqiu01

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had a screenshot of the Halloween theme collection last month, October!

แอดมาเร่นด้วยกันหน่อยนร้า ID: g-nappyy

Add me please : shnexoh1204
I'm a daily player of this game 🙏

Hello please add me !
ID: Arcrosys

How do I use the Item Mixer? I have it on my inventory but cant seem to find a way to use it.
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