I'm still raging from not being able to get an IO ticket.

I had such anticipation. It was going to be paid for by my employer.

The registration app found me a ticket, sent me to Wallet, <pluh> failure, back to waiting in line for a ticket while I scramble trying to find out what's wrong with wallet.

Registration closed while I waited for the second ticket.  Boohoo.

reposting here: 
I think there's a change in leadership needed at +Google Wallet . Sure, I'm pissed about the #googleio2013  snaffu, but let's think about this for a moment. Has anyone ever had a good experience with Wallet? 
I've been selling Android apps for over two years now, and it hasn't been a good experience. Purchases are cancelled every single day, not because people canceled them, but because they fail to process. They even fail to process with carrier billing, which boggles the mind. It's just a terribly unreliable service (as we've seen today), and it's likely costing everyone a good chunk of change. Compare that to Amazon, which has never, ever cancelled a purchase on me (maybe I just don't see it, but I happen to think that Amazon is about a million times more reliable). 
Now the other thing is that every email I've gotten from them in the last year reminds me that 'New! Google Checkout is now part of Google Wallet.' Only there doesn't seem to be any way to get to merchant information from the Google Wallet page. In fact, when you go to the Google Wallet page, you're only presented with the 'virtual wallet on your phone' part of wallet. Until you sign in, there is no indication that you can even see a purchase history. 
Now let's say that you get a status request for an order, because Google in app purchases have historically been so terribly unreliable. At the bottom of the email there's a link: Click here to view order # 12999763169054705758.1305473443982979.
Except that the link doesn't work. It has never worked. For two years I've been getting these emails, and nobody has bothered to fix such a simple yet necessary thing. Oh, and good luck searching for the order number once you're on the merchant page. It won't bring up the order either. Your best bet is to go through and try to find a matching name. 
So then there's the 'virtual wallet' part, which has been a disaster from the start. The idea is great, but after all this time, most of us still can't use the service. I've heard lots of guesses about why this may be, but the fact remains that most of us can't use the service. Even when I could use the service, it wasn't smooth sailing. Your money is tied to your device, instead of your account, so if your device goes down, have fun spending the next few weeks getting your money back. There's still money out there somewhere that belongs to me, but I don't care anymore. Oh, wait, they changed their mind halfway through, and now you can only link credit cards to it. 
And then there are gift cards on Google Play. Finally, right?! But I can't be the only one who thinks it's stupid that you can't combine a gift balance with a different form of payment. But Google Wallet treats it like a separate card, so I will forever have a balance of 4 cent left which I can do nothing with. It's just a bad setup. 
All around, Google Wallet has been a bad service. It's unreliable, confusing, badly set up and badly supported. I can't imagine why any business would ever want to go with Wallet, and even though users keep asking for the virtual wallet, I keep wondering if they aren't better off without it. So I really think that a change in leadership is needed to take that service into a new direction. 

Welcome to the community....Please spill forth all your vile feelings here concerning Google I/O, Wallet and your lack of purchase of a ticket. 


"Google has cancelled this purchase.
Comments from Google: Unable to notify the merchant of this order."
- BAAH!!  Angry Kitteh!  Cloud Fail, Roar!
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