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Sorry I've been posting so much. Lol. But just in case the Hangouts doesn't work the next time we try it, I found this website. You don't have to download anything (unlike skype or hangouts), just create an account. Anyway, here's the link for the website in case you guys wanted to look at it. I made one for our group already.

Hey guys! So I thought it might be good to have everyone's availability for study sessions in one place because right now it's a bit scattered between Blackboard and here.

SAT/SUN: depends on work schedule, which changes weekly unfortunately
MON/TUES/THURS: Out of class by 1
WEDS/FRI: Out of class by 2

And I know most of our study sessions will be online, but in case anyone wants to meet up in person, I'm on the Alexandria campus Mon-Fri. And on Fridays I drive my own car (other days I carpool) so if you guys ever want to meet at the library or Starbucks on Fridays, I can do that.

Hi guys! So I was wondering if you wanted to set up a time and day to study for the first exam since it's a little over two and a half weeks away. Also, where are you guys in doing assignments for the class? I'm still finishing up lesson 1. Lol.
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