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Hi, my name is #RyanRyder and I'm a co founder of #SoulfulWisdom #Australia and a #Clairvoyant.

- We are second generation readers and offer unique insights into the Realms of spirituality, specialising in online #Tarot Card #Readings for positive development.

Soulful Wisdom has 3 readers with a balanced synergy to deliver our best.

- If you have a question for the cards or would like some guidance then begin your journey with us.

Our clients include corporate directors, executives professionals and wisdom seekers alike.

Summon us at

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My psychic ability started when i was quite young. As i grew older i was able to read faces and places, as well as feeling energy. I have been given a wonderful gift to work with and i am truly grateful. when i picked up my first pack of Tarot cards i found i was able to read them instantly. My spirit guides work with me to comfort people who are experiencing difficult times. We work on focus, and support, in coaching the person to re-gain direction in their life journey. I have had pleasure in assisting many people, in different countries around the world to develop their spiritual awareness.
JudithK is now available for readings in the northern suburbs of Perth WA. You can also have a reading via Skype with JudithK available now.

For in-person or Skype readings please email JudithK at

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Simon Wink
Simon is a very compassionate Spiritual Adviser.
Discovering his special awakening as a child he continues to use the gifts through the Tarot to help others.Let Simon help you get the insight and peace you deserve for your life. Simon Winks is now available for readings in Victoria Melbourne and readings via Skype.

For in-person or Skype readings please email Simon Winks at

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