June 13th Saturday, meeting notes:
1.     Free time issues:   
*safety...no leaving hotel EVER without teacher/TD permission (not to tell someone else to tell an adult), NO alcohol, smoking, drugs, meeting up with locals outside of group,  other schools’ rules are not your rules….SPASH rules

2.      Picture Sensitivity...ask permission before taking pictures...ask Tour Guide

3.      Groupings:
*Must be in groups of 3 or more during free time.

             *list of students assigned to which chaperone for security and attendance checks

Sra. Frederiksen:
Lily Byers Emma Beyer
Ashley Drake Lexi Peeters
Alex Ludwig Lee Ann Przybylski 
Alex Raczek Zoua Vang

Frau Graham:
Cassie Vang Michelle Vue
Samantha Strook Matt Habada
Logan Hinkle Mary Siebert
Kiana Thompson Kirsten Walczak

Sra. Borton:
Daniel Hess Mercedes Lowell
Taryn King Sam Ginnett
Susannah Zblewski Tyler Bernstein
Derek Franz

4.    Airport Check-In:
a.Our seating arrangement on the plane will be varied and not together.  Once we have our assigned seats, we can maybe ask other passengers to switch seating if absolutely necessary.

        b. Double check your name on the boarding pass(es) before we leave the ticket counter.
c. You will receive your boarding pass for each flight from your chaperones.


e.  As we head for security--NO STOPPING FOR ANY REASON!  Restrooms, food and shopping all exist on the other side.   After security, be sure that you still have your passport and boarding pass.  We only proceed as a group.  Stand off to the side as a group and wait for everyone to get through security.

f. Once in the gate area, we can create “camp” and at that time if you would like to head off for restroom use, food or shopping you may.  Be sure to know at what time you should be back at “camp” from a chaperone.   IT IS UP TO YOU TO WATCH OVER YOUR CARRY-ON ITEMS.  

g.  When it is time to board the plane, be sure that your passport and boarding pass are ready.  As we walk down the gangway to approach the plane’s doorway, put your passport away in a safe place.

h.  Again, seating arrangements can be switched as long as they do not disturb the other passengers and that they are done quickly and quietly.  Be quiet on-board and courteous to all.  Limit movements about the plane.  SLEEP  DUERME  SCHLAF
Tremendous Day #2 is ahead of us and we must be as well-rested as possible for the events and physical demands of the day!  CHANGE THE TIMES ON YOUR WATCHES.  

i.  When we arrive at our final destination and passports have been shown for the last “official” time, be sure that passports are zipped securely away.  Now you will meet Carlos Morales, our tour director, and our fellow travelers!

Safety on Busy Streets:
Please be very cautious when walking along busy streets.  Please do not try to “beat” a car or a moped.  Drivers do unexpected things at times and we will be in some very big cities.  You may not anticipate dangerous situations as well as you do at home as there will be some very unfamiliar traffic patterns.  Take you time and LOOK BOTH WAYS before setting out.

Busy areas:   Standing to the right on all escalators and allowing people to pass on the left is common courtesy in Europe.  Be aware that if you and your group are taking up the entire sidewalk, people will have to go into the street to get around you.  Also, be considerate and allow the elderly, handicapped and parents with small children to also pass on the sidewalk.

We must be courteous to all people that we encounter.  As a large group of Americans we can easily put people off.  Let’s avoid the “Ugly American” label.

Emergency phone numbers to always carry on you - handed out on bus

Frau Graham

Assign task to students
make sure other students are awake in the morning
check for passports 
sweep rooms for items left behind
help bus driver  load and unload suitcases 
collect keys and drop them off at front desk before we leave
take turns to put an entry on our facebook site
check bus for items left behind , also garbage 

5.  Try Google Hangouts

6.  REMEMBER - positive attitude!

Please see email for Calling Tree information.

REMINDER of last meeting about safety and last minute details for our departure, one week from Saturday! The meeting is this Saturday, the 13th at 9-10:30 upstairs in Mrs. Graham's classroom. Please attend! :D

May 30, 2015
Forms handed out. We are still missing forms from people.
Telephone tree – please sign
Forms due before school is out! Bus fees $61.00
Non-prescription drug forms
If child takes a prescription med, they can take care of themselves, if the parent checked that off on the form
Money – exchange money ahead.
Snacks are recommended. You should not be going to places like McDonald’s every day! Try the local foods.
Hotel and flight information sheet – handed out – may still be some changes with flights. Hotels – Wi-fi is “iffy” at the hotels, so please don’t expect to hear from your child every day.
Hotel in Barcelona is Hotel Park Guell – Antonio Gaudi is the famous architect and we will be near his works.
We will be in a variety of hotels, from a large commercial one to a family-run hotel in Madrid.
Yellow handout – gives information on suitcase sizes and weights
Suggestion – United Airlines has their own app so you can use it on the plane.
FACEBOOK – group SPASH Europe Trip 2015 – this is how we will communicate with family at home. Please request to JOIN this group so you are informed.
Phone tree – Marc Frederiksen will be the main contact person. He will start the phone tree, if needed. This will mainly be for emergencies. Our main contact will be through the Facebook page. Suggestion: Test phone tree before we go.
Packing – packing list was handed out (yellow) and agenda for the meeting has a lot of information also.
Bathrooms – public places – you often have to pay a small fee (like 50 cents). Also carry toilet paper or tissues. You should take every opportunity to use the bathroom while on the trip, because public toilets are not as available as they are here.
Bus – We will let you know exact times for meeting for the bus.
Optional insurance question – We need to check on the coverage and how it works.
Healthcare is much more reasonable in Europe than here. If there is any sort of health condition, most likely EF will have the student and a chaperone go to the emergency room.
Clothing recommendations: Try not to stand out as a tourist. Items to avoid would include large logos on T-shirts.
Shorts – no problem
For plane – please wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Cotton is probably your best bet.
Blue jeans are ok for cathedrals, etc. Shoulders should be covered and no mini skirts.
Yoga pants – not worn as much in Europe as here.
Laundry – you can wash by hand in the hotel. Laundry services/laundromats will not be available.
MONEY BELTS – MUST have a way to carry your passport UNDER your clothing. It is also recommended that your money belt be big enough to hold your debit card and cash too.

NEXT MEETING: June 13th for students. MANDATORY MEETING.

MEETING NOTES:       May 16, 2015 SPASH 2015 Europe Trip

EF Backpacks – distributed to the 17 students who attended

We collected $61 for the Lamers bus fare. Please make checks out to SPASD.

All introduced themselves and said what they are excited about.

Packing – Really important to have a WATCH and a TRAVEL ALARM CLOCK!!
Make sure to have new batteries in the watch/alarm clock

Rooming – rooms may have two, three, or four students in them. It will depend on what the hotel has for us. Students had the chance to list 1-2 students that they would prefer to room with.

Ms. Bade – discussing France
1. Do not use your cellphone on the Metro, etc. Keep your possessions close and purses zipped.
2. French teens tend to wear dark clothes – lots of blacks and grays. Avoid shirts that say “Spash” or “Wisconsin Badgers” that will draw attention to you as a tourist.
3. French people will correct you, but don’t take this as being rude. Try to speak French to them
4. A lot of French people do speak English, but try to talk to them in French. Parlez-vouz anglais?
5. Be super polite – always use Bon jour Madam/Monsieur
6. Food recommendations:
Baguette, Macaron (almond cookies), Pain au chocolat, meal crepes, bananas and Nutella
You are charged for water, so make sure to order a jug of water (see expressions sheet)
Au mineral – mineral water (like what we are used to)
7. Souvenir ideas:
Be aware at souvenir vendors on the street. They may have very poor quality go goods.
8. TGV (high speed train)– You have to validate your ticket – by putting it in the yellow box to have it punched
9. Metro – do NOT use phones on the metro. Be careful of pick pockets. Don’t make extended eye contact with people. That can be an invitation for some people – especially for females.
10. In stores – be friendly and always greet them
11. In restaurants – don’t tip like here – leave a Euro for good service– the tip is generally included “Le service est compris”
12. Recommendation – the catacombs
13. Don’t feel like you have to see EVERYTHING! Walk and enjoy what is there.
14. In France, do not make extended eye contact or be too friendly
15. Watch out for people tying bracelets on you, trying to give you a rose, etc. You will have to pay for those.
16. Pronunciation WORK in French
17. KEY in hotel – you generally leave your key at the reception and have to ask for it when you come back
18. Public toilets are hard to find. Use the bathroom at a café even if you don’t have to go. Carry a packet a Kleenex or a small amount of toilet paper too.

You MUST have all the forms in before the Parent Meeting!

Reminder: Call you Cellphone Company to find out about international fees.
Let your credit card/debit card company know when you will be traveling. Find out if you have a fee for each international transaction.
Exchange money if you have not done so already.

Passport Reminder: If you have not turned in copies of your passport, you need to turn in FOUR copies to Frau Graham or Sra. Frederiksen. You should also leave one copy at home and pack one copy in your suitcase.

Here are the airport codes all translated.
MSN- Madison
ORD- Chicago
FRA- Frankfurt

Per our Tour Consultant:     There has been a schedule change on your flights. Your flight from Chicago to MSN on the way home is leaving later than originally set. Because of the length of the connection, your group will receive a meal voucher. You each will get $10 per student to cover dinner at the airport. This check will come to you when all balances are at zero, just like the stipends. Feel free to message your students and their families about the arrival time change.
Carrier   Flight#  Dep    Arr        Dep Date     Dep Time      Arr Time
UA          3959     MSN   ORD   6/20/2015    18:41:00        19:40:00
LH           435       ORD   MUC    6/20/2015    21:20:00        13:10:00

LH           1123     MAD  FRA      7/3/2015      8:35:00             11:10:00
UA           906       FRA   ORD      7/3/2015      12:45:00          14:55:00
UA         3705       ORD   MSN    7/3/2015       20:52:00           21:46:00




Dep Date

Dep Time

Arr Time































Can anyone share the best place in Stevens Point to get dollars exchanged for Euros?  What fees were charged? Our bank does not do international currency.
Also - has anyone found a good travel card for money transactions for the students to use in Europe?  A card that could be loaded with some $$ but has minimal transaction fees.

I could not figure out how to get the file or the photo into this post, so this is the basic information for our flights:

6/20/15     Confirmation #:  4ETGUJ
DEPART AT 6:41pm   out of Madison on United Airlines  to Chicago O'Hare at 7:40pm on Flight #3959.  

Then leaving Chicago at 9:20pm on Lufthansa Airlines to Munich, Germany on Flight # 435.  Arrival on 6/21/15 at 1:10pm.

RETURN on 7/3/15 at 8:35am out of Madrid on Lufthansa Airlines to Frankfurt at 11:10am.  Flight #1123

12:45pm out of Frankfurt on United Airlines to Chicago at 2:55pm on Flight #906.

7:30pm out of Chicago to Madison on United on Flight #6115 with arrival at 8:22pm.

April 18, 2015 Meeting

1. Tip money was collected today.  If you have not paid, please bring cash OR check (made out to Stevens Point Public Schools) for $150.00 to Sra. Frederiksen or Frau Graham.

2.  We have a new Facebook group called “SPASH Europe Trip 2015” so please request to be added.  All information that was on Google Plus has been transferred to the Facebook group page. All travelers must join the FB group, please!  I would like to shutdown the Google+ community by May 18th!  The response from travelers and parents was not very strong on the Google site.  It seems that FB may be more convenient with notifications, etc.  My time is limited to be sending information on email, Google, and FB.  So, please join us on FB, our closed group, to follow us on our trip in Europe.  Thank you.  CF

3. The trip’s flight itinerary was handed out.  Based on the parent survey, we will be taking a bus to the airport and encourage everyone to ride.  We will be collecting for the bus at the next meeting.  The final bus price will be posted via Facebook, Google+, and email.

4. We will meet at SPASH at least six hours before our flight, or around 12:00 noon on Saturday, June 20, 2015.  We will be checking passports, luggage, and taking group pictures.

5. Forms handed out:  
check off sheet to go over with parents/guardians, requiring initials from parents and travelers 
EF form about the hotel and safety, requiring a signature.   THESE MUST be returned at the next meeting.

Emergency Contacts updated:  If you were not at the meeting, you MUST update your emergency contacts on the EF site.

Next meeting – May 16, 2015

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