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is reading while listening to this and is just relaxing

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Name cc
Gender female
Age 16
Species morpheon
Likes playing reading fighting her keyblade oblivion singing cooking playing her flute
Hates bad guys
Bio cc us suddenly the screen turns red with an error sign on it ERROR ERROR ERROR MISSINGNO 1414254555-533436753 it turns off
Animated Photo

is inside the resistance base

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Name: John the insane Raccoon

Weapons: Bombs

Evil Powers: Can turn invisible, great at being sneaky and can create unlimited amount of bombs.

Bio: I am a kind and crazy Raccoon who loves finding shiny things like jewels, I am a Christian, I used to work for Eggman but now I work for +kiara the cat, and +Fiona Fox. I am +kiara the cat lover and I wish to be with her all the time. I am a very crazy but friendly Raccoon.
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