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New group to raid. 

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Ar, mateys! One of our fellow soldiers informed me that this person is in need of some good trolling since they've insulted them and are basically being nothing but a troll. As our motto goes, It takes a troll to take down a troll. Would Soldier Nick please post screenshots of this Troll's post  in the Screenshots section, since I wasn't able to upload your post on this group.

Hello everyone. My name is Moonman and I'm here to say that you all are okay in my book. Despite the fact that none of you are white. 

What are we supposed to do?

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Someone recorded this stream yesterday and I was featured in it. Of course, I trolled pretty hard. my name btw is JohnrudeCenastorm, but I am going to change it to something else next week

Also everyone, I've made the group invite only. So please invite more people who are interested in becoming trolls for great justice.

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Soldiers, I have found another group that's in need of a good trolling.  

For new recruits, introduce yourself here. 

Post screenshots of your valiant trolling efforts of great justice here. 

Should I make this group private or keep it public?
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