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Lumen Iron Worker
What and why
A worker is a great way to run tasks as needed taking the load off your applications server and greatly speeding up the process of a task as you can run numerous workers at once.

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I have a shell script worker that needs to queue another worker when it's finished. It doesn't seem like the iron_worker CLI is available from the binary worker environment? Is there a suggested way to queue up workers from a shell worker?

Hi all,

I searched a lot but couldn't found any description on properties of responses that are being sent by REST API ( Almost all properties of responses are self explanatory but some properties needs to be described. Let me mention some of them;

In response of GET /projects/{Project ID}/queues/{Queue Name}/messages/{Message ID}/subscribers request, what is property ID? (this is not message ID as I have checked it. In case of uni-cast push queue it is the same number as message_id+1)
In response of GET /projects/{Project ID}/queues/{Queue Name}/messages/{Message ID} request, what is property reserved_count?

In response of GET /projects/{Project ID}/queues/{Queue Name} request, what is property size? (It looks to be queue size from its value but again what is queue size? Queue Size on my Dashboard always displays zero)

As per my understanding if a message is retrying 2nd or 3rd time its retries_remaining should be equal to retries_total - number of retries attempts. But this is not case. Every time I have seen that retries_remaining is not changing. What are the cases in which retries_remaining will change?

After the message is tried "retries_total" number of times, message "status" should be changed to "error" but it remains "retrying"
Is there any log of message routing? means, if a message is first send to subscriber 1 but not received 200 in response. The same message will be then send to other subscriber say subscriber 2. 


anyone know how to auth messages using backburner (beanstalk client for Ruby on Rails) ?

how do I require a file from a subdirectory in my worker and have it live in the same subdirectory when built?

Plz guide me in implementing worker server in laravel php and to send emails

I can't find any documentation on this, but can I assume its possible to use IronMQ as a payload delivery mechanism for IronWorkers?
i.e have the workers fire up every 60 seconds and see if there are any jobs in the queue, then shutdown if not?

I`d like to understand how ironio performs jobs.
I made simple job (ruby 2.1 stack, run at normal priority) with simple logging via puts. On my PC ruby script completes in 5-6 seconds

Worker job duration was 04:59 (299 seconds).
But then I looked into logs, I saw that all actial job was done in last 3 seconds (see logs below)

What operations were performed 4 minutes before? Wehe they accounted for total usage?

2014-05-17 19:03:04 +0000: Data from queue processed
2014-05-17 19:03:06 +0000: Got transactions data
2014-05-17 19:03:06 +0000: CSV generated 2014-05-17
19:03:07 +0000: CSV uploaded
Time elapsed: 2.947119372 seconds

Thanks in advance

I have uploaded a worker and ran it successfully, and my worker actually writes data into a file. How can I get/download that file?

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