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i was walking though the woods when I saw you and....

Open roleplay


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Name: Coffee
Gender: Coffee m8
Powers: Want some coffee? It's my special blend #107 the best.
Backstory: I come from a family that liked coffee, and became a lawyer.
I can can prosecute any case no matter the circumstances... As long as it has to do with that Mr. Trite.


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What is this creepy pasta you speak of?

I throw a knife at you and you......

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Name: Ches Playr
Age: 16
height: 5'1"
Powers: Unknown
weapon: Syth
Bio: Unknown

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•Name: Sora
•CreepyPasta Name: Eyeless Sora
•Age: 19
•Gender: Male
•Species: Humanoid Wolf Hybrid
•Powers: Shapeshifting and Omni-Adaptation
•Sex: Straight
•Favorite Color: Green
•Likes: RP, changing forms, video games, women, bacon, sketching, killing, flying, and Mountain Dew
•Dislikes: being alone, super loud noises, messing up on transformations
•Ability: change form, color, and body structure, adapt to any and everything.
•Bio: Sora was one of a kind with the ability to change forms and adapt to everything. Sora likes to draw his surroundings and other things or random women that probably don't even exist. He's fun to be around and having girls over but is very shy about a lot of things, but once he gets comfortable around you, he's pretty much of an out going person. Even though he seems to be nice..he has his dark side, like a split personality you may say. 'The voices...' he say 'will always guide me to the end'.
Though nobody ever seen his dark side, due to the fact that he hides it deep away and takes ton of medication, most people doubt that he's evil until he runs out of his meds then again most people don't live afterwards to tell about it.
Pictures in order on what I looked like as I grew up
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Name shadow
Speaces shadow demon
Ability anything you can imagen
From a shadow or a demon
Emotions none
Age unknown


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name: Jessica

Nickname: Jess

Age:  19

Gender: female

race: Shape Shifter

powers: ShapeShifting, Enhanced Reflexes, enhanced speed, and elemental powers

personally: Quitet, fearless, calm, and blood lust

Likes: music, video games, and killing

Dislikes: Humans


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Name: Nightmare David
Age: 18
Powers: can turn into any monster he chooses.
Killing style: any kind just as long as you die
Bio: was abused when a little kid and got tired of being beat so killed his abusers with a machete then realized he had powers.
Likes: machetes and killing
dislikes: cowards and abusers and bully's
Personality: is insane and funny
Gender: male
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