Windows 8. I like it. I really truly do. 

BUT! (There is always a but...)

I have some issues with it... 

1. Windows 8 and tethering from smartphones does not work very well. I have given a good look around the internet and there have been no "fix" that works. (This applies to pretty much any smart phone, as I'm not the only one to have issues, which includes Windows Phone, iOS, and Android users alike)

2. In an effort to go back to Win7, I wanted to make a backup image of my current Windows 8 installation... they renamed the "backup and restore" in windows 7, to "Windows 7 File Recovery" ... (but wait, I thought this was Windows 8??? I'm confused.) This meant that finding the "create a system image" tool was hidden, in plain sight, but obscure. I do not like things like this. Either way, it's backing up... that's all that matters. 

3. I need a start menu. As silly as that might sound... I find the "Metro" (deprecated) interface to be cool, fluid, and useful if you have a tablet... Well... I don't. I find that there is ALMOST 0 reason for me to use it. So, If I can have a start menu (even if it's not entirely as "full featured" as Windows 7 start menu is), I need it still. It is so much easier to hit the windows key, start typing a program name, and it pops up... than go searching through a tile-based interface and still possibly never find the program/app that you are looking for. 

I know that society is slowly moving to a more mobile design than I would like (I still prefer the beefiness of desktop systems, and arguably the strength and mobility of laptops). I like the whole tablet touch interface and all, but right now they are still a bit pricey for that average user. And even me.

So with all that said, the honest-to-God main reason for me going back to Windows 7... is because Windows 8 does not play well with smart phone tethering. And with as much as I tether, going from one place to another where there may not be a decent enough signal or some ports are blocked, I need to be able to tether to my computer. Maybe later on, if other users are able to find a way to make tethering better and more stable, I will probably restore the Windows 8 image that I'm making. But until then, I will continue rocking the trusty Windows 7. :)
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