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                                        Unofficial Composite

                                                   This is it.

This is without question the most powerful weapon ever conceived, the premier example of what this place is all about.

- pyrokinetics from Super Mario Bros.
- rebound shielding from Arkanoid
- demon slaying capabilities from Doom
- gravity warping/bending from Half-Life 2
- Instant kill capabilities from Goldeneye 007
- matter rolling/displacement from Katamari
- unlimited knowledge/experience
from World of Warcraft
- win/loss reversal snipe from Mario Kart: Wii
- dual-sided energy blade composition from Halo  
- otherworldly damage output from Quake 4
- flesh and bone destroying attribute from Gears of War
- indestructibility and unlimited regeneration
from Tetris
- god/deity slaying abilities from God of War
- planetary energy infusion from Final Fantasy VII
- weightlessness and environmental mastery
from Star Wars
- soul consuming/destroying powers from Soul Calibur
- space/time alteration and worm hole stamping
from Portal
- Wish granting capabilities from the Legend of Zelda
- Lightning creation/manipulation
from World of Warcraft

I challenge anyone at any given time to show me a weapon that even comes close to a fraction of what this sword amounts to.

Nowhere in the far corners of the imagination can there be found a more all-conquering blade that seems to instantly grant the ability to pass righteous or villainous judgement over pretty much anything and everything for no other reason than it is indeed that powerful.

Changing the course of not only one history, but multiple, would be a nothing short of a novelty, worlds could be broken on a whim and existence itself would be on dire notice.

This weapon is the embodiment of the kind of power no single person should ever wield in their wildest dreams.

Glad it's mine. ;)


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Look at all those guns and weapons. This isn't even gun porn. It's better than that.
It's gun romance.

+The Fantom Convoy👑🏆+Riddles Incorporated+FallingStar7777+nintendolife25

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Now THAT'S a unique double barrel.
GUN OF THE DAY - Winchester and Parker Shotguns
By utilizing both Winchester and Parker marquees, our GOTD listing gets double credit, but then again, these two side-by-sides are not your normal smoothbores. Each of these shotguns has a carefully bent buttstock that would allow any owner without the use of sight in their right eye to shoot using their left eye instead. These two sinistral shotguns are rare adaptations with some intricate gunsmithing represented.
Bore: 12 gauge
Production Date: circa 1930s

#NRAmuseums #GunOfTheDay #guns #history

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A ninja’s best friend in the FF lore, the Magic Shuriken is a neat upgrade for the class, especially the adorable Yuffie from FF7. With 3 material slots and additional defense, which is great for a class that usually lacks such, be sure to spend a hefty amount of gil when you see this weapon in stores. I think I’ll make a Nintendo entry next time since I haven’t done one in ages.....

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Beautiful engravings.
GUN OF THE DAY - Japanese Temple Gun
Our matchlock GOTD has some religious significance as it once was employed to open and close temple ceremonies where it served an important role in scaring off any gathering demons or evil spirits. We haven't discovered any of these entities in the immediate vicinity of the museum's galleries, so we consider it to be still performing its duties here. Size on these matchlock guns varied, with some weighing more than twenty pounds.
Caliber: .60 smoothbore
Production Date: Circa 1700

#NRAmuseums #GunOfTheDay #guns #history #Japan

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That's an interesting design.
GUN OF THE DAY - Zehner Wheellock Rifle
Not many pieces in the museum collection are older than this GOTD. Its maker was a gunsmith in Bebenhouse, Salzburg and Vienna, and became the master gunmaker for Vienna in later years. Caspar Zehner was born in 1661 and died in 1745, creating hundreds of fine arms that have survived in both American and European collections.
Caliber: .59 rifled wheellock
Production Date: circa 1695

#NRAmuseums #GunOfTheDay #guns #history #rifle

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You can always rely on a Winchester.
GUN OF THE DAY - Winchester Model 1866 Musket
Our GOTD was Winchester's first brass-framed musket and that extended barrel length was 27 inches long. With that length also came increased magazine capacity as Winchester's advertising for their muskets boasted that they could hold seventeen cartridges. For those who didn't want to rely on just the shooting capability, these muskets also were offered with an angular bayonet to fitted snugly to the round barrel at the muzzle.
Caliber: .44 rimfire
Production Date: 1866-1899

#NRAmuseums #GunOfTheDay #guns #history #musket Winchester Repeating Arms

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Taking a look back at some great stock rooms. Rope is very important, too.

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Back again.

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There was another place across the street.
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