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Hi Lee, first of all many thanks from a happy user :)

A couple of questions:
- do you have any plans to make an offline version of your tools, especially the character creator? (or maybe update Byakhee to the 7th edition?)
- would you accept donations or something similar?
- would it be possible to translate the whole thing? I usually play in French and many players struggle with the English language.

I really love what you've done and I wouldn't want you to lose interest in the project, so maybe these 2 things might help :)

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I thought I'd share these images of the Pulp Cthulhu - Pulp Hero sheets that were completed in the latest tests.

Fingers crossed, support for Pulp Cthulhu on The Dhole's House ought to be released at the end of May.

More details soon!
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Bug fix update applied.

The 'Film Star' occupation didn't forward to the 'allocate Occupation points' page - this has been corrected.

It wasn't possible to allocate points to the 'Credit Raring' in the 'Clerk/Executive' template - this has been corrected.

Thanks to Mike Mason and RiotousGM for the feedback on these issues.

Hi Lee

I was creating a 7e standard PC - did the characteristics then went to the next screen (age mods etc) - but when I press the button to Process and move on - it takes me to a blank screen with "Object moved to here" - click 'here' and I go back to the mods screen and it just loops back and forward from there - I can't get to the screen to buy skills etc.

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As I'm on holiday next week there's an early update to The Dhole's House.

What's new?

Create a New Investigator - Point Buy (Freestyle)

The addition of a 'freestyle' 7th ed Investigator creation - similar to the existing 'point buy' system but without the points pool. This includes being able to choose the value of luck. Creating an Investigator in this manner is still subject to the usual process and Occupation templates. All characteristics (and luck) are capped at 90.

Upload an Existing Investigator/Character

You can now add an existing 7th Edition Character (Classic Era) to the Dholes House in two steps. Step One, you enter the characteristic values (and Luck), name, gender, age, occupation, residence and birthplace. Step Two, allocate values to the 7th Edition skills - no reference is made to any 'Occupation templates' or 'Age updates'. For the moment I've decided that Investigators added via this process can't be added to the 'Character Library' as they are not subject to 'due process'. A new icon (U in red circle) denotes uploaded investigators in the Character Control Panel.

7th Edition Occupation Templates
The following templates have been added:

Tribe Member
Union Activist

Which makes a total of 109 Occupations for 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu to choose from.

What's coming up?

Work has started on adding a 'Pulp Hero' creation module for all you Pulp Cthulhu fans.
A new utility that deals with 'Tomes' is nearing completion.

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Another update to The Dhole's House has been released. Here's the details.

Another 23 Investigator Occupations have been added, this takes the total occupations available to 99!

These occupations are:
Laboratory assistant
Mountain Climber
Museum Curator
Private Investigator
Sailor (Naval)
Sailor (Commercial)
Skilled Tradesperson

= = = =

Handouts - Telegrams

Long telegram messages will now automatically flow onto another page as required.
If messages are 'encrypted' or 'chunked' into groups of letters then two telegrams will be created in the PDF download, one encrypted/chunked the other in a regular readable format.

These updates apply to the three telegram templates that are available.

= = = =
Utilities - Seeds of Doom - Scenario Ideas

Seeds of Doom creates a skeleton outline for a game/scenario, drawing upon six database tables to create details of: Main Location, Main Plot, Sub-plot/Complication, Artefact, Main Antagonist and their Motivation/Goal - all at the click of a button. Site members (if they're logged in) can copy all the information to the clip-board and paste into their favourite text-editor.

The NPC Name Generator has been moved to the new section of the website and is now located under 'Utilities' - any links will be forwarded to the new location.

A handy 'copy to the clipboard' button has been added.

That's all for the moment, more news soon.

Happy Gaming!

Used the Dhole's House a couple of weeks ago to create PCs for a one-off. Great bit of software - many, many thanks for making 7th Ed easier..! :-)
However - two things came to mind.
1) I think it really needs a third stat creation option, where you are able to enter specific numbers for STR, CON, INT etc. This would make converting NPC's from other editions easier, given the limitations of the current points allocation system. Or randomly rolling blocks of stats until you get close to the numbers you need. Which is tiring for the mouse finger...
2) And hardly critical, but I couldn't get the calling card generator front and back sides to line up when printed out. Eventually sorted it in Photoshop. I think the difference was about 5mm - but you know what perfectionists players can be...

Again, many thanks for the DH - looks like I can finally uninstall Byakhee..!

The Dhole's House was launched three months ago! I though it would be a nice idea to see exactly what had happened (on the site) in the first few months of activity.

We've had 607 people register.

1056 Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. Investigators have been created!

116 7th ed. Call of Cthulhu Investigators shared in the Character Library

87 6th ed. Call of Cthulhu Investigators created (16 shared in the Character Library)

A total of 469 Handouts were created - 167 separate newspaper articles, 144 Telegrams and 158 (sheets) of calling cards.

That's an amazing start and I hope that those figures can be built upon in the coming months. Thanks everyone!

More updates are due soon.

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The Dhole's House has been updated with a new batch of Investigator Occupations for Call of Cthulhu 7th ed.

See for a list of the occupations that have been added.

More to follow in the new year!

Another update to The Dhole's House update coming next week!

This time it's all about adding new 7th ed. character occupations and the following will be added.

Bank Robber
Gun Moll

White Collar Worker:
Middle/Senior Manager

Book Dealer
Bounty Hunter
Cult Leader
Elected Official
Federal Agent
Foreign Correspondent
Gangster Boss
Gangster Underling
Hospital Orderly
Taxi Driver

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