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~New Profile~
 /name/ Pepper.
/age/ Unknown.
/gender/ Female.
/abilities/ Magic, Has Heightened Senses, Is Strong, Can Change Forms.   
/mate/ Storm.
/pups/ None.
/likes/ A Challenge, My Friends, Training, Having Fun, Adventures, Being Happy, Listening To Music, Sunshine, Night Time. 
/dislikes/ War, Hunters, Traps, Jerks, Fake Friends, Being Tricked, Being Lied To.
/bio/ Unknown. 

Mod request template: +Shadow Absol 
Name: Crazy 
If you will be a good mod or not: Yes
Reason: Because it would be cool being a Mod for The Dark Moon Pack

shadow was walking to the pond of truth to clear my head and think when you.... (open rp)

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runs around the forest when you...

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Name -Skullz
age -15
gender -Female
Abilities -Blending in with the shadows, sensing an enemy's weakness, Speed
rank -Pack Hunter
Mate -None
Pups -None
Likes - Hunting for the pack, running, sparring, teasing other wolves, being sarcastic, a challenge
Dislikes -Rival packs, someone else taking her kill
Bio -A born pack hunter, but orphaned as a pup. She grew up as a loner, but was integrated into the pack when they saw her hunting skills. She now hunts for the pack and scouts for enemy wolves


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/name/  Shadow
/age/  17
/gender/  male
/abilities/ flight, invisibility, manipulating fire and ice, songs of death, healing, and unhealing 
/mate/  none
/pups/  none
/likes/  everything
/dislikes/  rivals
/bio/ unknown
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