Physical Servers to AWS - Data not capturing.
In SiteCatalyst two RSID was created one for staging & other for production. But my website has moved to AWS from physical servers & staging environment URL has changed.
However, earlier any activities/tests on pre-production (staging) used to capture in staging RSID. Now, since the staging url has changed and no data, activities are not capturing in the old staging URL. Should I need to create new RSID or just replace the old staging URL with new one ?

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Hello someone could hepl me, i han a questionHow can I measure a virtual page?

I track file downloads in my website for multiple products and pages.(I have many PDFs in my website, which is kind of a success metric for me to see how many people download the PDFs)
The data I see in "file download" report in Site catalyst is way to high as compared to the one I see in GA (I have set up a goal in GA for any click on the pdf download link). Any idea why there is so much of a gap in downloads in both of the tools? shall I ignore one of these tools? but which one?

Long time GA user but new SC user...I want to see a breakdown of referring domain together with bounce rate. When I go to Traffic Sources > Referrer Types  and breakdown other websites by referring domain, I'm not able to add any metrics? I keep running in to this where I'm in a report view and expect to be able to just add a column but there's nothing I missing something? What's the easiest way to check bounce rate (and other metrics like time on site etc) by referring domain? 

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