am I the first link here, FUCK YEAH, I mean, I am link, in fierce deity form
age: idk
race: idk
gender: male
Bio: Link is depicted as a child, teenager, or adult of the Hylian race, originating from the fictional land of Hyrule. Link often travels through Hyrule, defeating creatures, evil forces, and the series' primary antagonist, Ganon, while attempting to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule. To defeat him, Link usually requires the mystic Master Sword and Light Arrows, or a similar legendary weapon, obtained after many trials and battles, and magical objects or using other items such as musical instruments and weaponry.
weapons: most, if not all the weapons
home game: if you don't know you're not a gamer

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Main control system rebooted
Automatic system restoration activated
Simultaneously installing new system
All systems reinitialization complete
I, have returned.

Name: DUOSS Core 3.3c (DUOSS Core has several versions, and is appears as the boss of multiple levels throughout Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth and Super Star Soldier. I'm sticking to Vanishing Earth's first version, 3.3c, for RP)
Age: ??
Gender: Male programming
Species: AI
Home: Zeograd
Likes: None
Dislikes: The human race
Stage one: Burst plasma cannon on right arm, shield on left arm, missiles fired from my back.
Stage two: (Arms and chest plate destroyed, though you only need to attack the chest plate as I drop the rest). Scattered orange energy shots from pink crystal in my chest.
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You might want to set up a specific way for games of different universes to interact, without breaking the rule where we can't realize we're game characters. Similarly it would help if there were a "Your game" section to post in, as most areas aren't going to be cannon to any game series. Basically posting to "The castle" for someone who's game doesn't have one might present some issues.

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Name- Laney
Age- 14
Gender- Female
Race- BlackGatomon (Digimon)
Likes- Nice people (mostly other Digimon,  and Pokemon (becuz its my main fandom))
Dislikes- Rude people
Powers- (Attacks)- Lightning paw, Lightning kick, Cat's eyes
Bio- She once found a portal in the middle of nowhere. She went through it and appeared in this world.
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Name: Lavio Hensign

Age: 12

Race: Digimon (Gumdramon to be exact)

Likes: Friends,..... human food, humans, and fighting

Dislikes: Jerks, being tricked, being forced to resort to digivolving in a fight, being called weak, and deviant art post about gumdramons

Bio: in a fight he can digivolve to Arresterdramon for a short amount of time, which makes him SO MUCH STRONGER that most creatures here can't beat him. He got to the human world by sneaking through a small rift. He is currently getting used to human technology....
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Heals: food
Home game: kirby
Name: chef kawasaki
Age: around mid 30's
Species: unknown
Gender: male
Powers: cooking
Weapons: kitchen supplies
Bio: always wanted to be a great chef like his teacher, chef shataki. Sadly, his food is awful! But he doesn't give up! He uses his pan that his teacher gave him when shataki hit kawasaki's head with it (you don't wanna know why). But he is getting better!
Personality: clumsy, silly, fun to be around, joyfull.
Likes: cooking, making people like his food for once
Dislikes: competition (he gets rid of the competition the same day he adds a new item, if you know what I mean)
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This community is kind of puny, so I'd like to see if we can get it to grow more. If some of you would share it out that would be awesome

Also, I'm considering making a "Homeworld" section instead of having unique ones for everything. This would let me put in more specific categories that are easier to RP in. I'm going to run this as a poll to get an idea of what you all think.
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One Section
Separate Sections

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Likes: good guys and helping people and his humorist jokes

Dislikes:bad guys and time being wasted


skills:combat sword weilding and doing missons


Bio:was a normal koopa untill one day a meteor came down and crushd him but it luckaly exploded on impact of the ground thats when he gained powers later on he left his village aftger some time he found this leagendary sword konark afther that he came back to only tell his village goodbye but before he left his grand mother gave him the leagendary shades of Reen and the risk bans of fenaren afther that Ray left his village to start his true aventure
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Name: Hunter
Agee: 21
Race: Meowstic
Gender: Male
Skills: He's a skilled mechanic, although he is quite good with his psychic powers as well
Powers: See Wepons- he uses his moves to fix and build machines, though he can shut them down as well
Bio: he was trained as a mechanic's apprentice and was later released to, as he puts it, "Do his own thing," (No one believes him). He stowed away on a boat that ended up crashing in a reef. He then washed up on the shore of the island. No one else besides him that he knows of survived.
He takes damage and heals just like any other Pokemon.
Weapons: Just his moves- Psychic, Thunder Wave, Iron Tail, and Flash
Home Game: Pokemon

Name: Ty
Age: Most of his parts are around ten years old, but a few of them, control disk included, are only a few weeks old
Race: He's a robot modeled after a Tyrunt
Gender: He has no gender, but I will refer to him as a boy
Skills: He's waterproof, and isn't hurt as easily as a regular Pokemon, besides by fire
Powers: He just acts like a regular Pokemon, despite being a robot
Bio: He was built a few years ago by Hunter to keep him company, but his control disk got broken during the shipwreck. Hunter salvaged his parts, repaired the broken parts, remaking the ones that were unfixable and made a new control disk for him.
As said before, it's harder for him to be hurt, but he can't heal besides being fixed by Hunter
Weapons: Just his moves- Iron Tail, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, and Crunch
Home Game: Pokemon
Note: He communicates with Hunter via creaks no one but Hunter can understand (what he says will be in parentheses like this so you don't get lost)
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Name: Giselle

Species: Hedgehog (Hyper From)

Sex: Female

Home Game: Sonic the Hedgehog

Skills: Fighting, Healing

Powers: Hyper Blast, Hyper Beam

Bio: long story 
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