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my wolf wants an introduction
name: Shadow Death
Gender: female
Age: 16 in human and wolf years
Rank: trying to get accepted by this rouge pack
Bio: Was born during the great wolf war and was taken away to be raised by rouges.Was named Shadow Death by the rouges Darkness and Flame spirit.When was 10 in wolf years  was thrown out by the rouges into a snow storm. Has been killing all pack wolves hoping to find her mother and swear vengance on her for making her live this life. Has been wandering the Spirit mountains ever since. Meet her sister, Dark Mountain in the mountains and they decided to live together.
They have been ruthlessly killing all pack members they meet, to kill them all, forever.
Skills: can make any wolf that touches her a shadow-spirit, or a dark soul that works for her to kill other pack wolves.
Pack: no pack
Likes: killing, blood, shadows, the blood moon, blizzards, and ice.
Dislikes: warmth, pack wolves, very loud noises, love.
Looks: White fur ( often stained by blood) with black markings on eyes , fierce green eye and another eye is ice- blue. Teeth are very sharp and white. Black markings glow when makes wolf a shadow-spirit.
Abilities: fighting for a very long time, running forever, hunting skills are very good, and has exceptional hearing.

below is me...................

wait wait wait wait wait how many males are accually here?/

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Name: Silverado
Gender: female
Age: 15
Rank: Rouge
Bio: she has been beaten by her parents since she was a pups she is very shy scared of males but wants a male to keep her safe and she never comes around always been kept to her self 
Skills: blue eyes create ice and blue skies
Pack: none
Mate: wants a male who will protect her
Pups: none

sliverado wanders around waiting for the right male to come for her

i'm camly howling next to a lake

i slowly lean down and drink from the cool river, the moon is high, reflecting into the lake, only to be distilled by the ripples i make as i lap up water 

deathwillow sits down next to a small pool of water on the forest floor

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Name: Mitch/Bajan

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Rank: Rouge

Bio: Been by himself sense he was a pup and doesn't really like being alone.

Skills: Fighting, Hunting

Pack: none

Abilities: Can run faster when markings glow blue
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I lay nestled deep within a cave as i sleep, my body rising slowly with each breath as the water drips from the top of the cave

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Name :Shadow
Gender :Male
Age :18 in wolf years
Rank :Unkown
Bio :Not much is known about Shadow, not many know where he came from or why he is here, but those who do know enough about him, they know to stay away and not venture to far into learning about him. He still wears the chains that imprisoned him from long ago, not many even know who chained him, but he was been chained up only until recently. on the mater or Rogue or Pack, he has not swore allegiance to either, but both sides see him as a threat that they each want to have on there side.
Skills :perfect at seeing in the dark, can talk with the dead and see things others can not
Pack :Loner
Likes :being alone, the dark
Dislikes :light, happiness  
Personality :quiet, smart, cold, mysterious
Abilities :controls darkness, if you look deep into my eyes you see your worst nightmare, the rest is unknown 
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