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{Please Ask Me If You Want This Pokemon To Be In Your Team And Tag Your Profile. I'll Check And Tell But We Have To Make A Post Of Minimum 50 comments because these Pokemons Aren't Easy To Catch}



Unknown. It Fires Out All Types


Hydro Pump
Metal Claw
Dragon Rush


It Can Identify The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Pokemon Under Level 70


13.6 lbs

Base Stats
HP 100 | Attack 80 | Defense 55 | Sp. Attack 79 | Sp. Defense 55 | Speed 79 = 448

Dex Entry
As Arceus Had Destroyed These Pokemons And Made Them Extinct And Made Sure Everyone Was Destroyed As It Thought They Would Be Too Strong, A Young And Smart Ponideo Who Faked His Death Called Kelpony Survived. Now He Is Rarely Found Anywhere But he Is So Fast That Even If people See It, The Shape Of It Blurs And Suddenly, He Disappears

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Pokemon Profile: draconeon
Level: 42
Species: draconeon
Type: dragon
Abilities: levitate
Moves: dragon rush, dragon claw, dragon tail, dragon breath
Nature: shy
Bio: born in a far of cave an eevee evolved while holding a dragon scale 

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Near A Waterfall At Midnight 3:00 Am

Kelpony, The Rare pegasus Was Drinking Water By A Waterfall. It's Whole Body Was Shiny Deo..Ponideo The Ponideo Was Relieved

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Community Respect: I would like to thank all of the members that tried their very hardest to try to make this community work out. Sometimes things don't work out, but thats life. Its best to move on and try to come up with a new strategy. Still its great to look back on the community and see all of you adventures and accomplishments that it left behind during its life time. 

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Unfortunately, I must leave. Farewell friends. I shall return under another name.

Brian's walking with his Elekid, Magby, Roselia, Prinplup an his newest member Umbreon , +Mikayla Swinehart

"Okay, so once we catch Goomy, I'm going to make you battle each other. So we can hopefully get some evolutions."

Hold on, I'm updating my profile


Name: Brian Monaghan

Age: 17
Birthday: 3/15/1998
Likes: Battling, Steel type Pokemon, non serious people
Dislikes: Poison types, Serious people
Gender: Male
Appearance: longish blonde hair, blue eyes, thin,
Gender: Male
Item:Mystic water
Moves: Bubblebeam, Ice beam, Drill peck, Hidden Power (Ground)

Species: Roselia
Gender: Female
Item: Kings Rock
Lv: 30
Moves: Energy Ball, Sludge bomb, Stun spore, Sleep powder

Species: Magby
Gender: Male
Item: Magmarizer
Lv: 29
Moves: Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Sludge, Hidden Power (Electric)

Species: Elekid
Gender: Male
Item: Electrizer
Lv: 29
Moves: Thunderbolt, Reflect, Light screen, Hidden Power (Ice)

Gender: Female
Item: Reaper cloth
Moves: Feint Attack, Bite, Moonlight, Dark Pulse
Lv: 40

Name : Lucian Kazuma
Age: 25
Gender :Male
Hometown :Solaceon town
Hair color :Purple
Eye color : purple
Birthday :19/5/1990
Likes :Fish, Books, Psychic types, Strong opponents
Dislikes :Nothing really
Team :None
Occupation :Elite four member
Personality : Lucian is very kind but doesn't get to socialize often. He's either in the library, exploring, or in the Pokemon league.

Bio: Lucian was born in Solaceon Town but his family moved when he was a year old to Canalave city. When he was 6 he had read all the books in his house. His parents saw that he was a gifted child and gave him a Ralts. They moved to Jubilife soon after so Lucian could train his Pokemon. He encountered an Abra and caught it. He taught it Hidden Power and set off to Oreburgh to get his first Gym Badge. He defeated the Gym leaders Geodude and Onix with Abra and the leaders Cranidos with Ralts. Abra evolved into Kadabra after the battle. Delighted with the results, he set off to Eterna City. In Eterna Forest, he encountered an Eevee who seemed to be wounded. He took it to a Pokemon Center and healed it up. The Eevee came back to him in Eterna Forest and he caught it. He battled some Bug Catchers with his Ralts and Eevee and they evolved into Kirlia and Espeon. He challenged the Gym on his eighth birthday. He defeated the Grotle with Espeon, the Cherrim with Kadabra and the Roserade with Kirlia. He received his second badge. He traveled to Heart home and caught a Bronzor in Mt. Coronet. It was holding a light blue stone which Lucian gave to Kirlia. Kirlia evolved into Gallade. He found a guide for evolution and asked a nearby trainer to help him evolve his Kadabra. When he traded his Kadabra, it evolved into Alakzam. The boy traded it back to him and he had an Alakazam on his team. He then took on the 14 year old Gym Leader Fantina. He defeated her Duskull with Bronzor, her Drifloon with Espeon, her Gengar with Alakazam and her Mismagius with Gallade. He received his third badge. He immediately traveled to Pastoria City, but the Gym Leader was in Veilstone City training with the Gym Leader there. He went back to Hearthome and encountered a Mime. Jr. He caught it and used it on his team. When he reached Veilstone, he evolved the Mime. Jr into Mr. Mime. He then challenged the Gym Leader. He defeated her Hariyama with Mr. Mime, her Meditite with Bronzor, her Machamp with Espeon, her Heracross with Alakazam and her Lucario with Gallade. He then traveled back down to Pastoria when he caught a Girafarig on the way. He challenged the Gym Leader Crasher Wake. He defeated his Gastrodon with Bronzor, his Empoleon with Mr. Mime, his Gyarados with Girafarig, his Azumarill with Espeon, his Quagsire with Alakazam and his Floatzel with Gallade. He turned nine when he returned to Canalave to get his sixth Gym Badge, but he read all the kids books in the library first. He went to Iron Island and trained there. His Bronzor evolved into Bronzong while he was there. When he came back from training he challenged Byron. He created his Bronzong with Mr. Mime, his Scizor with Girafarig, his Magnezone with Bronzong, his Steelix with Espeon, his Skarmory with Alakazam and his Bastiodon with Gallade. He had Six badges and he was almost 10. He decided to go to Show point City, in My. Coronet he encountered a Medicham. He sent his Girafarig to his PC and used Medicham in his place. He traveled to Snowpoint city and challenged the Gym leader. He defeated her Abomasnow with Medicham, Glalie with Bronzong, Weavile with Mr. Mime, Mamowswine with Espeon, Lapras with Espeon and Frosslass with Gallade. He immediately traveled to Sunyshore and challenged Volkner. He defeated Raichu with Medicham, Magnezone with Bronzong, Electrode with Mr. Mime, Jolteon with Espeon, Luxray with Alakazam and Electivire with Gallade. Being the first 10 year old to dfeat all the gyms, he was asked it be an Elite four member. He accepted immediately and trained. He defeated all his opponents until he was 16 when a young woman by the name of Cynthia challenged him to a battle. She won and Lucian promoted her to Champion of Sinnoh. He traveled all over Sinnoh when two more kids by the name of Dawn and Lucas defeated him and Cynthia. They where both equal in strength but let Cynthia keep the title Champion.

Item: Twistedspoon
Abilities: Inner Focus
Moves: Shadow ball. Double hit. Psychic. Crunch.

Lv: 70
Item: Expert belt
Ability: Pure power
Moves: Drain punch. Fire punch. Thunder punch. Ice punch

Mr. Mime
Lv: 69
Item: Light clay
Ability: Sound Proof
Moves: Psychic. Thunderbolt. Reflect. Light screen.

Lv: 73
Item: Lagging tail
Ability: Heatproof
Moves: Psychic. Gyro ball. Earthquake. Calm mind.

Alakazam: lv72
Item: Psychic Gem
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Psychic. Energy ball. Focus blast. Recover

Lv: 70
Ability: Synchronize
Item: Life orb
Moves: Psychic. Shadow ball. Quick attack. Signal beam.

Lv: 75
Ability: Steadfast/ Inner focus
Item: Galladite
Moves: Psycho cut. Drain punch. Leaf blade. Stone edge

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