// Hi all! I'm currently looking for someone to rp a storyline with me. I honestly need to piece the idea together, it's a spark but I do hope for find a rather confident, almost cocky character to write this storyline with. Also hoping to bounce some ideas around with a few trusted friends. If interested, hit me up. Thanks for listening!

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My name is Marcus and I am building a new group called The Afterdark Legacy.  It is an independent group.
However if you have read Masters of the Shadowlands, Masters and Mercenaries, and other similars series, then you may like what we are trying to build.  The Afterdark Legacy has some basis in ideas from such series, but is in NO way shape or form based on those book series. 
If you would like to join to follow and read please  simply ask to join,
If you are interested in joining and helping bring to life The Afterdark Legacy then contact me.


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Hello all. My name is Aylani, most call me Lani. I'm a wolf/witch, born into a powerful family. Well enough about me, I'm here in search for my mate. His name is Delano Malestorm and he is a panther, but not your average shifter...oh no.. She Delano was born in Russia. As a cub he was cursed to walk in his panther form and only changing back to human once he found his true love. But there's a catch, once he has found his true love he can shift back and forth but for one week every month he can not change. But we have learned to live through this curse.

Things have grown intense on the compound. Our Alpha, my grandfather has been gone over six months in search for his evil twin, leaving Isabella in charge. My uncle and our trainer have been trapped in a coma and now my daughter +Star Maelstorm​ has been changed into something sinister and +Ariel Maelstorm​ my youngest has been trying to save her sister through this nightmare.

Only one thing can keep the Maelstorm family moving forward and that's our Delano.

If you're up for the challenge there is a short interview process where you can submit a sample writing. The char is already made and ready to go. You can hit up any of the admins listed below.

+Isabella Wolf
+Nikita Storm
+London Tia Cannan
+Aylani Maelstorm
+Dexavier Cannan Lethal wolf pack
+Dustin Jace Wolf
+Amaliæ Briêns
+Emilie Catarina LeFleurs
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My lovelies, after I come back from the Dragon Realm I will concentrate in being in the hospital. I know it has been quiet lately except for the naked Angel +Lassiter Angel​, but I had given my writers a vacation since I was not going to be around. But if you aren't a member yet make sure to request an add and if you think you have what it takes to be a employee of the hospital please message me and +Isabella Wolf​ for more details. We are always looking for good writers!! Until we meet again! Be safe!! blows kisses
PS LWP is also looking for rogues and other lycan writers for their group as well. Again if interested let myself, or +Isabella Wolf​ and her hubby +Serbastian Wolf​ for more info!!

Soul Desires is looking for more members, Please dont be afraid I promise we dont bite much or hard unless it is requested......... or begged for rather.

I am Ravaen, I reacently found my brothers or rather they recently found me and brought me to their home........ We have a variety of species but most are wolf shifters.  
We welcome any and all wanting a place to write.
Contact me and I can get you intouch with the admin
Thank you
And hope to hear from you 

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Have you ever wanted to be a part of an amazing family of writers? Crossroads After Dark is looking for talented writers to join our team. We have a kick ass story and a heck of a lot of fun. If interested contact +Ezekiel Vladu, +Luke Archer, +Samuel Alexander, or +Ian Hellhound

Thank you for accepting me

Thank you for adding me!

I'm Dynan Faye (Dy for short)

 I am a born witch from a powerful magickal line. My family was killed by a Vampire who took me and turned me. I cant say I eventually loved him as i did try to kill him many times but when his death did come I did seem to mourn him, so I guess I did come to care for him. Now well Im on my own.

I am proficient with many weapons but there is nothing like the feel of a sword sliding into a body like melted butter grins My spells are well there is no way to explain them other than to say damn perfect.

All that said I hope to fine friends to write with maybe even a home to belong to. 
Thank You!
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